The company reception welcomes all visitors, from business partners to jobseekers. It is therefore extremely important that it immediately create a positive impression and provide a pleasant atmosphere. Besides effectively communicating your company's values while also remaining functional, it is necessary to carefully consider a whole range of details, from the choice of materials to the way the logo is displayed.

We will present all the options to you and propose a solution that exceeds your expectations. Contact us and we will be happy to discuss everything with you to build your tailor-made reception. 

Bořislavka Centrum

Photo autor: Adam Fuchs & Lukáš Prokůpek, Petr Andrlík 

T-Mobile Mladá Boleslav

Photo autor: Prokop Laichter

Photo autor: Petr Andrlík, Martina Prášková 

Photo autor: Petr Andrlík

Reception Filadelfie

Photo autor: Filip Šlapal a Ondřej Hromádko 

Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Photo autor: Petr Andrlík

J. Becher - Karlovarská Becherovka

Photo autor: Petr Andrlík 

Photo author: Tadeáš Seidl

Design lobby space with modern features at MSC

Photo author: Alexander Dobrovodský  

Photo author: Petr Andrlík
Modern reception in CBC

Photo author: Rastislav Blaško

Modern reception with lobby area for clients at MS Invest
Photo author: Mossy Interiors
Photo author: Petr Andrlík

Photo author: Petr Andrlík

Photo author: Rastislav Blaško

Photo author: Petr Andrlík

Minimalistická recepce z přírodního kamene ve společnosti Passerinvest.
Photo author: Adam Costey photography

We will take care of your project from start to the end.

Published July 26, 2020

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