Our co-workers are our second family

A unique workplace

Our mission is to change the workplace for the better. We design and create new offices so that their occupants can work better. And we don't want the cobbler's children to go barefoot either! We also designed and built our own office to reflect not only modern trends, but mainly to respond to the needs of our employees. For us, our colleagues' wellbeing comes first and foremost. Take a look for yourself.

Company benefits

Work laptop, telephone, company car, scooters and home office are standard. If you care about sports or wellness, you will appreciate the subsidized Multisport card as well as the yoga classes and massage therapist directly in the office. Every week we have a joint breakfast, and over the course of the year you can look forward to teambuilding and barbecues on our terraces. You won't get bored with us!

Who is gonna like
our company?

The average age in our company is around 30. You'll know right away, because we're all ticking each other off. Every member of the team is a full-fledged part, we don't differentiate between students and experienced professionals, and we don't even have a strict job description. Although we are in a technical field, we pride ourselves on a great diversity of teams, with an almost equal ratio of women to men. You'll get the opportunity with us across all types of roles. 

How do we work?

The way we used to work has changed forever. We now typically work 2 days a week in a home office with flexible working hours. We usually meet on a daily basis either in hybrid mode or online. In our offices, apart from colleagues, you can also meet pets from time to time and parents can also come into their own, the topic of baby friendly office is not taboo with us.

Job offers

Want to become a part of our team?

Are you looking for a job in the Czech Republic? Take a look at vacancies.

Our employees love their job

For me, a strong team and a positive atmosphere are the most important criteria for doing a good job. This is my fourth year at CAPEXUS and I feel that I am working not only among professionals but mainly among friends.
Jakub Kouřil, Cost Manager
A close-knit team, excellent facilities, satisfied clients. Our company reflects our work. The team creates meaningful projects that we implement in a relatively short time, constantly driven by positive feedback from clients. You spend at least a third of your life working, so why not make it more enjoyable?
Klára Šedivá, Architect
My greatest professional satisfaction is seeing an empty space full of dust and material turning into a beautiful place to work. I'm glad that my work will make someone who will use the place happy.
Jakub Durďák, Project Manager

Summer Internship

As part of the Architecture & Design summer programme of the European Centre for Career Education, Michelle Negron Herbas, a very talented architect from Bolivia, enriched our architectural team. How does she evaluate her one-month internship at CAPEXUS, what did this experience bring her?

I learned a lot more than I expected. I have wanted to try this type of program for a long time. I have my own interior design studio in my country, MNespacios, so I couldn't stay longer, but it was still an interesting adventure. I felt part of the team. I wanted to see how projects are managed by a bigger company like CAPEXUS. At the same time, I discovered new ways of working in everyday situations.
Michelle Negron Herbas


CAPEXUS became the best rated company of 2019
according to the career website VímVíc. 

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