Internship? "I learned a lot more than I expected," Michelle reveals

As part of the Architecture & Design summer program of the European Centre for Career Education, Michelle Negron Herbas, a very talented architect from Bolivia, enriched our architectural team. How does she evaluate her one-month internship at CAPEXUS and what did this experience bring her?

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Discovering new approaches

The European Centre for Career Education aims to help bridge the gap between real-life experience and academic knowledge. Practice can vary widely across companies and countries. In fact, trying to see for herself how things work elsewhere was Michelle's motivation

I have wanted to try this type of program for a long time. I have my own interior design studio in my country, MNespacios, so I couldn't stay longer, but it was still an interesting adventure. I felt like part of the team. I wanted to see how projects are managed by a bigger company like CAPEXUS. At the same time, I discovered new ways of working in everyday situations.
Michelle Negron Herbas
Colleagues at the meeting

On the other
side of the world

And how did the collaboration itself go? Michelle admits that although she is an extrovert, it was not easy to move to the other side of the world where she does not know the language or the place itself. However, she adds in the same breath that the whole team was extremely kind, regardless of the different levels of English. Michelle has become an active part of the different departments here, as she designs and handles implementations in her studio herself. Within the architecture department, she was assigned the lobby project in the Lyra building.

My colleagues tried to show me as many things as possible during the month and tried to share their way of working with me. We worked as a team, we laughed, we shared, we talked about our cultures. I felt like we understood each other professionally and humanly. The lead architects supported me in various presentations and made sure I knew as much as possible about the project if only because in this case, the client is CAPEXUS itself. I appreciate the trust. Karel and Daniel are very visionary people.
Michelle Negron Herbas
Intern at CAPEXUS

Thank you!

We would like to thank Michelle very much. Her internship has been a great experience for us, from which we take away many insights and fond memories. Finally, we can't help but wonder if she would recommend an internship in our company to others?

This experience taught me much more than I expected. Talent meets unmistakable human qualities in the company. I was very lucky. I recommend the internship to everyone, I would love to come back. Many thanks to the whole CAPEXUS team.
Michelle Negron Herbas

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Author of the photos: European Centre for Career Education

Published August 23, 2021 

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