Acoustic in the office

Noise. A disturbing element that means up to half an hour of every employee's work day is spent inefficiently. We will design a functional solution for your office to create optimum acoustic levels for your employees

A micro office doesn't have to be for one person only. There are also types for four people.

An elegant solution to lowering decibel levels

Acoustic offices are designed to minimize noise. But this doesn't mean we sacrifice high design requirements. All the office elements that we supply precisely match the chosen visual concept and social functions of the space.

We design comprehensive office acoustic solutions into our projects so that they naturally complement other areas. Acoustic measures are provided from initial design to final installation. Investing in silence is an investment in employee productivity, satisfaction and creativity.

Micro offices can be used, for example, for private phone calls.

What damage does noise do?

Office acoustics is a very important aspect that needs to be well thought out in the preparatory phase of any office design.

If the acoustics of the interior are neglected, it will have a detrimental effect on employee concentration, especially in open plan offices. The result is:

  • excessive noise
  • low comprehensibility
  • reduced concentration, inability to focus
  • lower efficiency
  • increased stress
  • higher risk of conflicts
  • negative effect on employee health

Nevertheless, there is a wide range of options to combat noise. Thanks to the right settings, we will achieve a work environment that is suitable for the job.

A micro office is a small, soundproofed room.

Micro office

A micro office is a small, soundproofed room where employees can retreat when they need to make a call or discuss something in private. Size options are available in which one, two or even up to four people can escape from office noise. Micro offices are also a great opportunity for employees to do undisturbed work when they are stressed and need a break from the hustle and bustle of the office. Most micro offices are in the form of a phone booth with its own air-conditioning, lighting and a socket for connecting a laptop.

Acoustic seating areas are suitable for informal meetings in the middle of the office.

Acoustic seating areas

Acoustic seating areas use acoustic panels to enhance office comfort. The seating area may take the form of a sealed off space for informal meetings in the centre of a busy office. Premium acoustic foam absorbs noise.

Panels are a great choice in an open plan office
Acoustic seating areas permit conversation even when there is a lot of noise around.
Besides ensuring silence, the panels also separate the space

Acoustic tiling and panels

Acoustic tiles can be installed on ceilings, walls or freely suspended as panels. They reduce noise levels by reducing reverberation time. These damping elements are made of sound-absorbing materials, in particular melamine foam and mineral fibres.

Tiles are a highly effective acoustic measure in an office and can achieve a much quieter environment even in an open plan. Besides providing the benefit of silence they also optically separate the space, in other words, make the office cosier and more private. Acoustic tiles are available in many design solutions and colours that perfectly match your chosen interior concept and branding.


The acoustics of office interiors sometimes require the ability to improvise. While acoustic tiles are a long-term solution to noise, you can also add screens to the office. This gives them not only an acoustic function but also a dividing function. They can be used to optically separate the interior.

Most often they are placed either freely in the space or directly on desks. Free-standing screens can be flexibly moved at any time. Hanging screens soundproof open space without requiring construction interventions. Slatted screens make it easy to adjust the level of privacy by swivelling the slat.

The ideal use of screens to reduce noise is in combination with tiles or acoustic partitions.

A green solution

Office acoustics can be significantly improved by adding decorative greenery. Large-leaved plants act as sound barriers and their appropriate placement will improve the office's appearance, air and acoustics.

Living elements in the workplace help boost employee morale and significantly reduce noise in the office interior. See what other benefits come from plants in the office.

Do you want to create acoustic comfort in your office?

Photo by: Petr Andrlík, © Peter Fabo, 2019,
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