Workplace Consultancy

Offices have a profound effect on employee motivation, performance, loyalty and health. The demands on the working environment are constantly changing. That is why we provide professional Workplace consultancy services. We then translate the findings into a new workplace, a range of processes and company culture.

What is workplace consultancy?

Are you unsure what exactly to make of our Workplace Consultancy services and what their main benefit is for your current and future business? Watch the video, through which Ing. arch. Lucie Malá, Head of Workplace, introduces the main benefits.

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We are multidisciplinary

You will be advised by a team of experienced consultants. You will find among us specialists in architecture, construction, psychology, change management and HR. It is thanks to our knowledge of multiple disciplines that we take a comprehensive approach
 to each consultation

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Together with experts, we organise conferences, practical workshops and webinars on the working environment several times a year, so you can learn about the latest trends and interesting findings.

What projects do we stand behind with Workplace Consultancy?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Workplace Consultancy?

The aim is to comprehensively improve the efficiency of your workplace. The consultancy provides a combination of qualitative and quantitative data to help you manage your space effectively and reflect the needs of your employees.

What is the main benefit of consulting?

The consulting process delivers actionable steps to improve the office, reduce office overhead, increase productivity, improve employee engagement, and create a work environment that is tailored to your organization and supports you at every level.

How does the consultancy reduce costs?

People and the office itself are two of the biggest costs of any business. That's why it makes sense to focus on creating an office and culture that promotes efficiency and productivity. Work environment consulting can help you understand your company and your people. That way, you know exactly how big your offices should be and what can't be missing from them. It's these findings that can help you make substantial savings.

What does a Workplace Consultant do?

Consultants focus primarily on the process of identifying and implementing strategic improvements. They assess the office, identify opportunities for improvement and create a plan to implement those changes. This plan can become the cornerstone of a Design & Build project for your new offices. As a result, you can develop employee support in the workplace and reduce overhead costs.

Does the advice also apply to the way of working?

The way of working and the working environment itself are intrinsically linked. Offices can be prepared for agile working, as demonstrated by Avast's new offices. As part of our consultancy, we're happy to discuss all the details with you, introduce you to the new normal, and share our extensive experience with a range of companies from small startups to large corporates.

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