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Charles Square Center


Philip Morris ČR a.s.


3 000 m²



The reconstruction of Philip Morris's 3,000 sqm office follows up on our many years of cooperation with the company. The renovated lobby, spacious reception area, design offices, relaxation zone and silent rooms are the highlights of the renovated premises. 

Phillip Morris reception with exposed ceiling

Purity and round shapes

The space gained a unique atmosphere thanks to the preservation of some elements of the original construction. ATELIER KUNC architects prepared the architectural design, the aim was to bring natural light to the older, formerly dark and indistinct floors of the building. The architects brought a sense of purity into the space with the help of several shades of white and grey, underlining the round shapes. One of the requirements was to maintain the functionality of the company during the work, the reconstruction of the offices therefore took place while the company was in full operation.

 A unique solution for a double glass arched partition

Double glass arched partition

The dominant feature is the unique double glass arched partition on the 6th floor separating the two boardroom. The furniture is decorated in light colours, underlining the purity and healthy environment. 

The kitchen with a lowered ceiling to the arch copies the arched light

Lowered ceiling with arched light

The kitchen is characterized by a simple and natural design with elements like black shelves and chairs.
The lowered arched ceiling duplicates the arched light, giving the space a uniform and even look. The seating area in the kitchen consists of wooden tables and white chairs.

The implementation team faced a difficult task with the arched wall. Before installing it, the original ceiling covers had to be removed and the long-enclosed spaces had to be cleaned out and sprayed with a neutral grey paint.

Flexible partition

Flexible partition

The glass wall opens the way to light for the entire office, while the ingenious door design allows the size of the meeting room to be easily changed according to the needs of employees. Thanks to the variability of the individual glass fields, the office can be fully connected to the adjoining space.

Green wall of plants

Green wall

The separation of the two parts of the office by means of a green wall together with the dominant lights and
a creative meeting room gives the impression of a nook in a large garden. Plants provide a healthy working environment, not only because of their ability to clean the air but also thanks to their acoustic function and the privacy they can provide for people sitting at the high table.

Dining raised table with a view
 Relax zone overlooking Charles Square

Acoustic mineral ceiling

Employees can enjoy a pleasant break in the relax zone overlooking Charles Square. The Ecophon acoustic mineral ceiling and hanging lamps give the space
a laidback feeling.

 Arched wall

Communications and smart systems

Product presentations and internal communications take place within the digital board in the reception area. Luminaires above the desks and in meeting rooms feature a smart control system. Workers can turn it on or off using tablets.

Charles Square Center

Charles Square Centre is a nine story polyfunctional building located on the corner of Charles square and Resslova street in Prague.
It’s a highly modern building offering 15 000 m2 of office space and almost 6 000 m² of store space. The stores are located in the shopping gallery part of the building, the Atrium. The offices are designed to meet all of the client’s expectations. Besides open space offices, there are many individual offices in the building, which have the highest standards in office functionality and are also environmentally friendly. The Centre is directly next to the Metro line „B“ – Charles square, tram and bus stops, and also close to one of the largest parks in Prague.
All of the above make Charles Square Centre an attractive and sought after location.

Photo by: Peter Fabo

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