SPACES in the Albatros building showcases the magic of coworking


Na Perštýně 342/1


Spaces Holding BV


4 300 sqm


11/2018 - 10/2019

IWG is the world's largest provider of coworking and its newly launched brand Spaces decided to modernize the office space in the newly renovated Albatros building on the corner of Na Perštýně and Národní třída. CAPEXUS implemented the construction in accordance with the client's goal of offering tenants – whether freelancers or start-ups – quality, efficiency, sophisticated ergonomics, modern design and high-quality services. Today, the design spaces in this desirable location demonstrate the main advantages of coworking in practice.

Large meeting tables serve for business club meetings

A building with
a start-up spirit

During the CAPEX-led construction more than 4,000 square metres were transformed into a modern coworking space, with impressively thought-out details and an approach that puts functionality in first place.
The construction started back in 2017, but the implementation and finalization took place from November 2018 to October 2019 – all without disrupting the operation of the insurance company, which has
a branch for clients in the building.

Inspiration on every corner

Take a walk through the gallery on each floor and have a look at the meeting rooms and common areas… the result will be plenty of motivation and inspiration. After all, this should be an indispensable element of shared offices, i.e. offices where companies from different segments meet and where projects with the potential to change the world can be born.

Large windows allow plenty of natural light - cafe, dining room coffee room

Flawless coordination in practice

During the implementation it was necessary
to coordinate with a number of parties in order to precisely fulfil the client's very detailed assignment based on the company's instructions. These clearly stipulated that all SPACES offices, coworking areas and meeting rooms in more than 392 cities around the world must follow the same philosophy of shape, colour and interior concept.

Airiness and ample space are among the great features of this coworking

A smart space
to work

Shared offices offer a range of smart and innovative solutions. Throughout the building it is possible to work with the setting of smart lights, while the Salto system
is an electronic security system that makes it possible
to manage the access of individuals to various parts
of the building
. Active locks on the doors are opened by chip and phone. All you have to do is place your phone over the handle.

But not all the smart solutions are necessarily linked to technology. Sometimes it's enough to have a good idea executed well. The proof is in the kitchens on each floor and other accessories, from waste bins for sorted waste to the possibility of finding a comfortable place
to sit in the various common areas.

A relaxation zone is available for individuals and teams

Relaxation in shared offices

In addition to quiet areas for work requiring a high degree of concentration, shared offices must also be able to offer space for relaxation, meeting and rest. SPACES has not forgotten this, so you will find yoga and relax areas in the building, showers and practical changing rooms for everyone who wishes to liven up their workday with movement. 

Smaller meeting room with a large board on the wall

Modern coworking environment

Airy meeting room with table, in which are built-in electrical sockets, skylight, glass partition

A workspace for every need

The client's tenants quickly settled into the coworking space and the result is a lively community of professionals and employees from different companies who benefit both from space sharing and the space itself. Those interested can try SPACES coworking in the Albatros building for themselves. A tour of the shared office will surely convince you of the benefits it can offer.

Object Information: Albatross

The newly renovated Albatros building is located on the corner of Na Perštýně and Národní třída streets near the pedestrian zone. The former House of the Children's Book and Albatros Publishing House was built between 1965 and 1969. The construction was made by Konstruktiva according to a project by the Czech architect Stanislav France (he is also the author of student dormitories Strahov or Koospol, today Cube Office Center) and Luděk Hauf. Reconstruction and completion took place in 2015. The main advantages of the building are excellent accessibility by public transport. It is located in close proximity to metro station Národní and tram stops. The building is rented by Dutch coworking Spaces and Česká spořitelna.

Photo by: Tadeáš Seidl

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