A unique reception area with mapping in the Filadelfie Tower


BB Centrum, Prague 4




460 sqm


07/2020 - 12/2020

The main reception and entrance lobby of the Filadelfie Tower building owned and managed by Passerinvest underwent a significant transformation, which we carried out based on an architectural study by the DAM studio. The reconstruction has brought a prestigious design, lighting, timeless materials, greater practicality and, finally, unique mapping. Below we present the redesign and meticulous work of the CAPEXUS team.

Atypical reception desk with lobby area and comfortable armchairs

Opening to light, people and business

The reconstruction took place while the building continued in full operation from July 2020 to the end of the year. Major changes include the opening of the main reception area towards the shopping arcade, the alteration of the entire lobby and the improvement of the relaxation zones. The new concept welcomes visitors to the building with open arms and an aesthetic that captivates at first sight. The materials used have a large share in this. Wood, ceramics, stainless steel and artificial Corian stone are all present. This is used in the reception desk.

Reception made of artificial corian stone with mapping showing the weather

Walls as a
projection screen

A creative element is the presence of projectors. The wall behind the reception desk with its large-format ceramic tiles and the entrance area on the lower floor have become projection screens. In addition to weather information or the current time, ambient designs are also projected. These have the unique ability to transform the atmosphere of the space and can be used for
a variety of occasions. 

Spectacular mapping underlines the shape of the walls, where, for example, a plastic element is installed in place of a virtual clock. The result is a perfectly rendered 3D effect. A practical novelty are the entrance turnstiles, which allow the passage of more people at once.

Large green walls with live plants 

Lobby area with colorful armchairs in a Filadelfia building

More practical
for tenants and
the public

The original lobby concept has been modernized. The new implementation, which better connects offices and shops, makes passing through the building a more pleasant experience for tenants and the general public. We are delighted that we were able to participate in the project. 

If you also want to modernize your premises or offices, please contact us. We will take care of your project from A to Z.

Photo author: Filip Šlapal and Ondřej Hromádko

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