New headquarters for Websupport


CBC 3, Bratislava 




500 sqm



Websupport, the largest webhosting company in Slovakia, is constantly growing. The company’s original premises expanded to three floors and the employees began to lose contact with each other. The logical step was to move to modern offices that can absorb growth. CAPEXUS, together with the architectural studio Perspektiv, built for Websupport a headquarters with a heart in the form of
a community space that allows meetings across teams and stimulates the creation of original ideas.

Open space office in a modern environment with comics graphics at Websupport

The thorny path to  the dream

Websupport started in 2002 as a bunch of enthusiasts in one dorm room. Today, it is the largest webhosting company in Slovakia, with more than 60,000 customers. With increasing success came more employees. After Websupport outgrew offices in a house, in a pub building and in other places, it decided to move to modern offices in the Mlýnské nivy quarter of Bratislava. Websupport's marketing manager talks about the thorny path here

Open space offices with minimalist design tuned in muted shades at Websupport

Motherboard as
a design concept

The Perspektiv studio took up the task of building offices that support corporate culture with exceptional meeting space by creating a design concept inspired by computer motherboards. The premises were designed in muted shades with industrial elements, for example in the form of an open ceiling in which the air-conditioning and structural systems are left exposed. The ceiling is complemented by industrial lighting and atypical minimalist LED strips from SmartLight.  

A colourful range of ash vinyl flooring by Tarkett and white sprayed ceilings complement the distinctive red, orange and blue accents. In the offices and meeting rooms, we laid light blue carpets by Interface for greater acoustic comfort.

Work kitchen with island, bar stools, and illuminated Websupport logo

The community space is the heart of the workplace

The centre of the new headquarters quickly became
the kitchenette
connected to the adjacent open community space. The dominant feature of the space is
a custom kitchen counter made of red painted wooden laths with a neon “Websupport” sign in combination with
a practical island with barstools

The kitchenette passes freely into the chill-out area, where employees have chairs, tabourets and coffee tables, with access to an outdoor terrace. This room can be conveniently turned into a hall for lectures and other events using folding chairs and a projection screen.

Zen room for relaxation with the comfortable interior at Websupport

Offices for brainstorming and inspiration

Each department has its own office, some of which are even divided into smaller sections using partitions.
This concept ensures acoustic comfort and privacy, but also allows colleagues to easily communicate during the day instead of isolating them behind closed doors, which was a major requirement of Websupport. The design
of the partitions is enhanced by the colour scheme and ribbing.  

At the same time, their area was effectively utilized by placing descriptive boards which can be used for notes and brainstorming. Height-adjustable office furniture is a matter of course in the new premises. The walls of the offices and meeting rooms are decorated with original comic graphics with motifs from well-known films such as Batman, Planet of the Apes or Baywatch. A special feature of the office is the zen room, which allows employees to enjoy a moment alone. The pleasant atmosphere is evoked by dim lighting, the use of wood panelling, textiles and wallpaper with a natural motif.

Corridor with industrial appearance connecting the community space in Websupport

Achieved goal of better meeting

As described by the professional server RETREND, the aforementioned community space has been a popular office centre from the get-go, even outside working hours. The large bar table, which brings people closer together and quickly became a popular place for breakfast and lunch, contributed to this. Websupport’s main goals were mutual communication and even greater convergence. The goal of creating the atmosphere of a family house, to which all the employees were accustomed, was achieved.

It was extremely rewarding for me to see that the intended solution works perfectly from day one. People meet and enjoy each other’s company.
Ľuboš Ľahký, head of the Websupport marketing team

Information about the building

City Business Center (CBC) 3, 4 and 5 consists of three buildings with rentable area of 25,863 sqm and offers offices of the highest standard. It enjoys a unique location in the growing business district of Mlýnské nivy near the historic centre of Bratislava with excellent links to the motorway network.

Photos by  BoysPlayNice

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