Sugar bowl and dumbbells? This is our realization of the new ToFitko branch


Cukrovarská 987, Praha-Čakovice




1100 m²


6/2023 - 8/2023

CAPEXUS had the honour to participate in another fitness project after the implementation of the Next.Move club branch. The reconstruction of the premises for the ToFitko gym chain in the historical building of the Cukrovar Čakovice was a training for our architects and the implementation team, but as you can now see for yourself, the result is worth it.

Weight lifting room

   The most pleasant fitness centre in the area

The original Relax La Fabrique facility may have had its best days behind it, but it was full of potential, and not just in the eyes of the client. Our job was to develop that potential and help the new operator realise his ambitious vision.

Although renovating spaces in old industrial buildings brings typical challenges, our goal was to create the most welcoming gym in the area, combining modernity with a family atmosphere - values that matter to the owners of the ToFitko chain.

Space for CORE training

Surrounded by design and motivation

Working with a historic building, we faced challenges associated with its original technologies. Our goal was to maintain authenticity while modernizing and bringing the space into the present with an emphasis on sustainability and efficiency.

Focusing on design elements that reflect a contemporary yet welcoming character was key. We used elements in wood and natural ropes, which are in harmony with the intimate LED lighting. The space is enlivened with bold branding and motivational slogans, which supports the inspiring atmosphere of the gym.


The best shape in life

The result is a space that not only meets the high standards of a modern fitness centre, but also retains a unique character and friendliness. We are excited to see ToFitko become a community hub in Prague-Cakovice, Letňany and the surrounding area.

This realization of ours is an example of how CAPEXUS can revitalize dilapidated spaces and transform them into inspiring and functional places that bring value to both operators and end users.

If your commercial space is "out of shape", we'd be happy to be your guide to a new interior to suit your requirements. Let us know your idea and leave the rest to us.

Autor fotografií: ToFitko

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