Gočárova Residence shows modern student housing


Gočárova třída, Hradec Králové


Gočárova Residence


3 300 sqm



As a general contractor for wet and dry construction, CAPEXUS built student housing in the centre of Hradec Králové from the ground up to the final works. The Gočárova Residence shows a modern approach to student facilities and high quality construction with an accent on durability.

Facade of the house in light tones

Successfully passed the exam

The Gočárova Residence was an important milestone for us, as it was the first project in which we participated in the construction of the building from its foundations. However, we managed to successfully tackle a number of new challenges, from the complex administrative and permitting processes to the final implementation.

Industrial student kitchen

CAPEXUS implemented everything in the wet construction, including the floors and vertical structures, while in the dry construction, of course, the supply of the complete building technology or the implementation of the bathroom tiles, which are part of each student apartment. This fact also makes the residence a very interesting and attractive alternative to living in a regular student residence.

The unbasement building with six floors has a rectangular plan with dimensions of approximately 30.6 x 17.9 m. A total of several dozen student flats are available, supplemented by a laundry room, clubhouse or study room.

The facade of the house fits into the architecture of the street

Study of the neighbourhood

In terms of architectural and design approach, GRIMM architects follow the traditional forms of the famous interwar period, but with an eye to modern trends.

The design and articulation of the facade not only respects the context of the surrounding environment, but also contributes to the aesthetics of the entire urban class. Part of the residence is designed for commercial functions, another example of the ability to integrate practicality and design.

Atrium with cubist mural

A field of art and technology

In the building itself, the artistic spirit works in symbiosis with modern technology. Atypical colours, including pink on the staircase, are complemented by a large mural by the trio of artists Malujeme jinak.

Accent pink stairs

From a technological point of view, the project was particularly innovative in its use of the Salto electronic lock system, which is an ideal and practical choice for the concept of student housing. This solution resonates with both the progressive approach in the construction industry and the goal of increasing security and comfort for the residents of the residence.

We build on our knowledge

In over 12 years on the market, CAPEXUS has created modern and functional environments for hundreds of companies. We are happy to apply this experience and knowledge to your space, so please feel free to let us know your ideas. Our team of more than 120 specialists is at your service and, as you can see, can even build an entire house from the foundation to the roof.

Author of the photos: Kamil Saliba

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