Modern Prologis office space with a touch of logistics


Enterprise Office Center, Prague 4




545 sqm


03/2023 - 05/2023

Prologis, a global leader in industrial real estate, commissioned us to create a modern and highly functional interior for their new 545 sqm office space on the 6th floor of the Enterprise Office Center in Prague 4. This project presented an interesting challenge that we excitedly accepted. The aim was to combine elegant design with elements that loosely refer to the technical aspects of logistics halls.

Office reception with a comfortable waiting room and a glass meeting room
A "levitating" reception desk made of wood, completed with white paint

Towards visual continuity

At the client's request, we used basic materials of wood and white complemented by neutral shades of beige and grey. This harmonious colour scheme creates a pleasant and peaceful working environment.

The wooden flooring flows seamlessly onto the wall cladding, giving the space a unique and visually continuous feel.

In the open space, we replaced the traditional carpet with woven vinyl, which not only looks great but also offers practical benefits, led by its easy maintenance.

Reception with minimalist features

A reference to the technical design of large halls

One of the most striking elements is the seemingly "levitating" reception desk, which is secured in the left part by a ceiling structure. This unconventional design element not only catches the eye, but also symbolises Prologis innovative approach and logistical DNA.

Informal meeting room with swings

Another interesting feature is the videoconferencing meeting room equipped with swings, which brings an element of playfulness and informality to the working environment.

Spacious meeting room for larger meetings

Prologis is in the logistics business, so we incorporated references to the technical design of their large halls into the interior. We used truss structures in an elegant design that fits perfectly into the overall concept and adds a unique atmosphere to the space.

Meeting room for 6 people

Delivery on request

The implementation of this project was carried out with a focus on maximum efficiency and meeting deadlines. Despite the limited colour palette, we managed to create an interior that is modern, fresh and fully meets the client's ideas.

Office spaces full of people

The new office space is not only a place to work, but also an inspiring environment that reflects the values and unique approach behind Prologis' success.

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Author of the photos Lukáš Hausenblas

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