The evolution of desks: What innovations have we seen in the last few years?

Many employees spend a big chunk of the working day at an office desk. This is also why this workspace is a good indicator of what trends are working right now. There have been huge changes in the form of the desk thanks to technological developments over the last 60 years.

How time gradually transformed our desks

Look back into the 1960s and you will find a large typewriter and a landline telephone on the desk. In most cases, these devices are complemented by an ashtray and a family photo.

Gradually, other technologies such as the fax machine were added. The desk gradually filled up until there was practically no free space left on it. In the 1990s, however, we can already see a reduction in the number of individual components. Computers and wireless cell phones appear on the desk. The chimneys of iconic floppy disks are no exception.

The technological shift in the 21st century was enormous. Desktop computers were replaced by laptops, and the use of an additional monitor became quite common. Tablets are also an increasingly popular device, on which you can not only monitor important information, but also, for example, regulate the temperature in the room or reserve meeting rooms.

What else can you find in a modern and efficient office?

Wireless charger as part of the work table

Nowadays, you can use a number of gadgets that would have looked like science fiction just a few years ago. The first is a wireless charger. If you place it on the space on the desk where you usually put your mobile phone, it will continue to charge. You will no longer have to worry about your phone running out of power
during an important call.

Adjustable desk as part of a modern office

Another increasingly popular innovation is
a height-adjustable desk. Sitting at the computer in one position all day is not exactly ideal for our body. If you suffer from back pain, try to get a desk that you can simply slide up and work at standing up.

Workspace with ergonomic desks

Today, the modern office desk is ergonomic, clean and equipped only with necessary items. If you are thinking about buying height-adjustable desks, it is advisable, given the amount of the investment, to conduct a survey among employees and find out who is interested in this solution.

A related matter is the choice of an office chair, which should provide suitable back support to prevent health issues.

Why the workspace matters?

Desk with a sunny view

Where your desk is located, and especially its layout, has a direct impact on your productivity. If you can choose where your desk will stand, choose the place mainly according to the light source. Natural sunlight from the window is ideal. Secondary lighting is also an option.

A clean desk with enough space

The desk is in place and it's time to move your things onto it. But be very careful not to fill it with unnecessary stuff.

Remember, your desk is not a warehouse. To keep distractions to a minimum, keep the desk clean and nearly empty. Many companies are switching to a clean desk policy within the framework of shared workplaces or so-called hot desking.

To save working space, you can use wall-mounted file folders for documents or compartments for stationery. Of course, a laptop belongs on the desk, if you use one. Even here, however, you can mount an additional monitor on the wall behind the desk. In this way, you will get a much cleaner look and also a larger screen size.

Professional work consultation

Entrust yourself to the care of experts

Do not hesitate to entrust the correct setting of workplaces and the entire working environment to experts from the ranks of workplace consultants and professional architects. We will also be happy to transform your offices so that they correspond to current trends and requirements for a modern workplace.

Authors of photos: Petr Andrlík, Prokop Laichter, Adam Fuchs & Lukáš Prokůpek, Tomáš Schiller, Unsplash, Welcome to the Jungle

Published: 18 October 2022 

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