How to effectively downsize the office?

Although we often design vast offices thousands of square metres in size, the current trend is in the other direction, i.e. towards downsizing, from the total area to the number of workspaces. What benefits does office downsizing bring and how can companies implement it effectively?

A workspace for work and relaxation

Moving and work from home

Companies sometimes look to downsize their offices if employees work from home or alternate between office and home during the week, meaning not all office capacity is being used. According to data from Capexus clients who measure occupancy, the average daily occupancy of their offices is around 25-30 %.

A bright and elegant meeting room

Downsizing can also be associated with the relocation of the company's headquarters. If you are facing a move, see how to move the office in such a way that what began as a chore becomes an interesting opportunity for development.

There are three ways to downsize an office:

  1. By reducing the number of workspaces/desks
  2. By reducing the office space
  3. By diversifying the office space

Glass corridor in the work space

Quality vs. quantity

Effective reduction or diversification of work areas in any of the ways mentioned above has two fundamental benefits. The first is the reduction of the financial burden on the operation of large office complexes (costs of electricity, heating or air-conditioning, cleaning, etc.).

The money saved can be invested in a more flexible, high-quality, modern and sustainable workplace, in which employees will feel better and be more productive.

The smaller the space, the cleverer the arrangement. How to effectively invest in a functional downsized office?

  • Mobile furniture or the "anywhere" meeting room: Flexible storage systems are used for storing things and as seating furniture. Features include foldable, height-adjustable tables on wheels and ergonomic seating that anyone with a bad back will surely appreciate. Finally, roll-up blinds, railed curtains or screens with boards, shelves or flowerpots and the like are a practical and attractive accessory.
  • Isolation cells: where silence reigns: It is always useful to have a quiet corner for work requiring a high degree of concentration. Special soundproof units equipped with a desk and comfortable seating take up very little space and offer a perfect place to concentrate.
  • Work jungle: With regular professional care, high-quality and healthy plants can work wonders. Short-term plant rental is also an option, thanks to which your office can be constantly transformed.
  • Bonus: Among current trends in workplace "improvement" for employees and clients are the use of professional aroma diffusers or renting works of art that beautify the workplace and lend it a unique atmosphere.
The workplace consultancy team

Analysing the daily routine is the key to success

A fundamental step towards effective office downsizing is creating a workplace analysis. Experts from our Workplace Consultancy team can accurately determine the use of individual rooms or track employee turnover during working hours.

Vodafone shared spaces

Workplace analyses show you where you can make cuts without losing anything. Unused or sparsely used areas can thus acquire a completely new meaning and character. For example, the offices of Vodafone were transformed based on a workplace analysis. 

Find out what options are available to you. Have a workplace analysis done by our experts and put yourself in the hands of professionals with a sense for design and functionality. Contact us today.

Photo authors: Petr Andrlík, Prokop Laichter, Aeternus Pictures - Tomáš Schiller

Published 5 October, 2022 

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