Vodafone bets on an atypical approach in its new offices too


City West Stodůlky 


Vodafone HQ


2 500 sqm



The red operator has always relied not only on high quality but also on a light form of communication, friendship, a sense of humour and originality. These principles remain at the core of Vodafone's newly renovated offices, which are housed in the City West office building. What makes them unique?

Vodafone's new flexible offices with Actiu furniture and atypical natural elements

Elements you won't find anywhere else

Under our management, a total of 2,500 sqm of office space underwent a startling transformation, which is noteworthy in that it did not require building modifications. The bearers of change in this case are atypical elements, Actiu office furniture and a long line of thoughtful improvements. The Vodafone project is also a great example of how new life and function can be breathed into offices without the need for major interventions.

The atypical elements include podiums, practical kitchens for employees and comfortable benches. The office has gained a completely new atmosphere thanks to the presence of natural materials and warm shades. They casually motivate meetings and build well-being in the workplace.

Flexibility, digitalisation and sustainability as major trends on the rise are also reflected in the new hub that encourages flexibility and collaboration, which we designed and implemented for Vodafone. The company expects employees to work remotely 60% of the time and spend the remaining time primarily collaborating in the office. In the 2,500 meters of this hub, only 15% is dedicated to traditional workspaces, with so-called co-creation stations available for employees to meet and brainstorm.
Martin Židek, architect at CAPEXUS
Sliding wooden acoustic wall in the relaxation room with stone seating

Positive division

Various dividing elements also play an irreplaceable role, one of the most significant being the sliding Japanese wall. It is very easy to handle thanks to the rails and transmits enough light even when closed. Yet it can effectively divide the space. 

The land of the rising sun is also evoked by organically shaped seating and the selection of office plants, which loosely refer to the art of tree miniaturisation. Due to its unevenness, the partially lacquered wall cladding brings liveliness to the office environment and captivates observers at first sight.

Flexible office environment with acoustic elements in the form of curtains

A call for change

Every office goes through a difficult test of time, but it is not always necessary to make major adjustments in the event of reconstruction and disrupt the company's operations. Vodafone is proof that new furniture and atypical solutions can successfully extend the design and practical life of an office.

Most of the space is dedicated to meetings, but people from all over the building can also use special quiet zones for relax and generating new ideas, such as the library, zen garden, study room and so on. Moreover, the concept can be repeated in other countries - the Prague headquarters was chosen as a pilot project.
Martin Židek, architect at CAPEXUS
The work coupe for concentrated and undisturbed work

 New offices

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Author of the photos: Prokop Laichter

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