How to choose your office chair

For many people, a large part of their work day is spent sat in an office chair. As well as being a piece of furniture, these chairs are much more. They become a work tool that infuences our efficiency, our creativity, our well-being and our health.
The designer Marcelo Alegre from Alegre Design and the director of Innovation from the Valencia Biomechanics Institute (IBV), Rosa Porcar, give us tips on how to make the right decision.

Modern ergonomic chair by Actiu

Investing in
a good office chair
is important

The office chair is a work tool in constant
and continuous use
, which is why it is so important
to perfectly adapt it to your needs and your work.

It is a tool that has an impact on well-being and health and contributes to the efficiency of each employee.
Marcelo Alegre, designer from Alegre Design
Office environment with design chair

A poor chair can have harmful consequences

Back health, cervical and lumbar tensions
are closely related to posture in the workplace.
But there's more. When you're sitting in a chair, your feet must touch the ground. If you are too tall, circulation problems may occur. 

If, on the other hand, the chair is too low, too much weight is on the buttocks. By adjusting the chair to an appropriate height
and distributing the weight correctly, we will be able to sit longer and more comfortably.

It is quite important to choose an ergonomic chair which make you feel good and also it has an impact on your well-being. 

Published November 12, 2020

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