What to do for the office Christmas party this year?

There is never enough practical tips and inspiration. And with Christmas and Christmas activities, this is doubly true. That's why CAPEXUS has prepared tips for an original corporate Christmas party at your office, which will help you take your corporate culture up a notch. The question is whether you have suitable office space that can accommodate a Christmas tree in addition to your employees.

Christmas candlestick

The essence of a Christmas party through the eyes of an employer

Christmas is always a holiday of peace and quiet for us. But the reality of preparing for Christmas celebrations is often the opposite - lots of errands and responsibilities that aren't exactly comforting.

So why organise a Christmas party at work, you ask?

The main reason should be to give employees a break and make them feel that you appreciate their efforts throughout the year. Additionally, this creates an opportunity to look back on the team's achievements, which can be a great motivator for the next period and contributes to a pleasant atmosphere at work.  What's more, any Christmas party can be a great moment to highlight and reinforce shared company values.

Vánoční večírek

Even though hosting a traditional Christmas party can be a bit of a challenge, it's also a challenge to create your own Christmas magic right in the office. Plus, modern office spaces have an unexpected amount to offer in this regard. You have an opportunity in front of you to make your Christmas party really special! So let's explore how you can use the space, fun activities and communal atmosphere to make your Christmas party a memorable event for every employee!

7 tips for Christmas in the office

You can set up fun and interactive activities at the Christmas party that will be a great treat for all employees.

Piškvorky s perníčky

1. Company Quiz

You can try the exciting game Kahoot, a modern quiz app that allows participants to compete in quick and fun questions via their smartphones. This digital game brings dynamism and competitiveness to the party while promoting a team atmosphere. In addition, the questions can be directly related to the company in question. You will need a projector or larger screen, which is now a common part of indoor wiring in community or relaxation zones.

Vánoční Bingo

2. Bingo for prizes

For those who prefer the classics, set up a traditional Christmas Bingo where employees can have fun not only playing the game itself, but also getting to know each other's colleagues. Each participant is given a bingo card with the names of their colleagues and the aim is to tick off the names when they meet the description given. This game not only encourages communication between employees, but also brings a light atmosphere and a great social element to the party.

Wreath decoration

3. Best Decorator

Decorating in offices is often a private activity of a single team member who tries to bring the spirit of Christmas into the company every year. What if this year you ran a competition for the best Christmas decoration? This could take place between departments, offices or floors, for example. You might be surprised who all has creative flair in your office and what ideas colleagues come up with. What's more, this will also encourage the involvement of the whole team and the announcement will again take place at your party.

Vánoční cukroví

4. Christmas candy table and baking

Don't forget a table full of Christmas candy, which will not only delight the palates of employees, but also create sweet memories of this party. At the same time, you can treat it as a competition and let employees bring their homemade candy. Everyone will surely love to show off what's in it and give others a taste of their favorite and most fabulous kind. If you have a modern company kitchen, you can make baking and preparing Christmas snacks the theme of the party again.

Vánoční drink

5. A Christmas-themed cocktail mixology

Imagine employees trying their hand at mixing Christmas cocktails under the guidance of a professional bartending master. What about signature drinks inspired by your company? A great way to add something interactive to the party while learning how to make tasty Christmas drinks. Rest assured that this particular element will definitely excite and not disappoint! A must for this activity is of course again a kitchenette, which is not a problem in modern offices.

Předávání vánočního dárku

6. Secret Santa

You will prepare tickets with the names of all the people in the company, from which everyone will draw a colleague for whom they will get a gift. One side remains secret to the other. It is advisable to determine in advance the maximum amount that people will spend on such a gift and the date by which the wrapped gifts will be handed over, so that a festive mass handover can take place. Well, the Christmas party is the perfect occasion to give these gifts.

Rekvizity do fotokoutku

7. Christmas photo booth

Finally, we must not forget to mention the photo booth full of Christmas props such as Santa's hat, elf ears, reindeer horns, scarves, gloves, bells, garlands and Christmas lights. Employees can then take away memorable photos with the funny accessories.

For an even better effect, add some backdrop elements to the photo booth, such as fake snowflakes or Christmas trees, to make the photos look as fun as possible.

Offices not just for work

Did you say to yourself while reading the tips above something like, "That would be great, but we don't have room for that in our office." If so, it's time to think about how to turn your office space into a place that can support company culture, employee gatherings and activities that deepen working relationships. And we'd be happy to help you with that, and not just at Christmas, just fill out a short form or give us a call. Because every company deserves the gift of a perfectly thought-out interior.

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Published: November 28, 2023

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