How to set up the CEO's office? Avoid old habits

If you are thinking about what kind of furniture, conveniences or equipment the ideal CEO's office should contain, you are in the right place. In this article, we will look at several must-haves for the boss's office.

Open space in industrial style

An office in line with current trends

A well-designed office with modern elements will impress not only co-workers, but also business partners. In recent years, the open office trend, in which everyone works together without doors and walls, has been gaining ground. So we'll also look at how a CEO's office is furnished in this type of company.

Office with design furniture

Choose quality
over flash

The backbone of every office is, of course, the furniture in the form of a desk and an ergonomic office chair.

But you don't have to be too modest when furnishing the CEO's office, and it should therefore also contain other practical and designer furniture. There must be seating for visitors or an entire conference corner. This
can be used when meeting with business
partners, for example, and should contain a sofa,
a conference table and several armchairs.

Massive desk as part of the director's office

Unlike a meeting at a table, the use of a conference corner adds a friendly touch to the conversation. There may be a bar within easy reach, allowing important visitors to be offered a nice drink, for example. You can choose a bar and other furniture made of solid wood; some exotic woods look extremely interesting.

Decorations communicate the company's image
and culture

When it comes to receiving visitors, the office should be sufficiently equipped. In terms of decoration, you can add anything to your office that will express the personality of the CEO and the company as a whole. Some managers have personal items in their office, from certifications to various awards to collectibles. But the office is primarily a working environment, and it is therefore necessary to supplement it with the necessary equipment.

Of course, the most essential item is the computer, which every manager's office must now have. However, according to your preferences, you can complement the office with other decorations, for example artworks such as paintings or sculptures.

Meeting room with modern AV technology

A modern office does not have to be
a closed room

When furnishing an office these days, hardly anyone thinks about a whiteboard and a marker. But don't forget that there are interactive whiteboards capable of transferring an image from your computer where you
can make notes directly on the image with
a special marker. You will certainly appreciate
this during meetings or presentations.

Acoustic elements and live plants are another integral part of modern offices, as they are said to have a calming effect. But modern offices are no longer just closed rooms for the boss. The open space trend is increasingly appearing in offices, where the CEO's office is part of the workplace
without walls and doors
. Thus, the manager sits directly among the employees, and it is therefore clear that his or her workspace
needs to be visually distinguished.

Office in the spirit of wood

In this case, one option is to use colours for the equipment and furniture that contrast with the rest of the office, or different materials. You can also use more luxurious furniture, a larger chair or a simple name tag on the desk to highlight your workplace.

But you can also express your position by strategically positioning your workplace or by the size of your desk. Just like in a regular office, here you can equip your workspace with more personal things.

Zone for relaxation and work

In these open spaces, conference spaces are arranged in the same way as in an office, i.e. couches and armchairs. But they are accessible to everyone and there are usually several of them in this large office.

Enclosed workspace in subtle tones

We are here for CEOs and employees

If you are interested in the idea of creating a modern CEO's office, do not hesitate to contact us. Our experience from hundreds of projects for small and large companies will help you create a working environment according to the latest trends.

Authors of the photos: Aleš Jungmann, Aeternus Pictures - Tomáš Schiller, Petr Andrlík, Prokop Laichter

Published: November 10, 2022 

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