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The first impression is always extremely important when making contact, whether meeting with a potential partner or employer. For companies looking for new talent and professionals, it is crucial to approach recruitment not only in terms of candidate evaluation, but also as a chance to present the company's best face. However, the ideal first impression is more than just a smiling recruiter. The office plays a very important role in how the candidate will remember your company and whether they ultimately decide to take the job. We looked in detail at the importance of the appearance and furnishings of the office and interviewed several HR experts.

A fact supported by data

The essential role of the office in recruitment is well-known. Surveys by the British design company K2 Space have repeatedly shown that the look and furnishings of offices are often a priority when choosing a job, especially for millennials. Research shows, among other things, that:

  • Half of the respondents consider the room in which the interview took place to be a key factor in deciding on a future employer.
  • 39% of respondents cited boring office design as one of the reasons for leaving their former position.
  • A total of 21% of respondents were disappointed with the technology in the office when coming for an interview with a potential employer.

Office design can therefore entice candidates, but it can also discourage them.

Office space with a unique view of the museum

Not for your eyes only

It is important to realize that the appearance and other benefits of your office can determine a candidate's level of interest in your job offer, for example on the internet. In addition to the office itself, the location also has an impact on the effectiveness of recruitment. According to data from the portal, people naturally choose companies that are located close to where they live or are easily accessible by public transport.

. This is also confirmed by Marc Delacroix, founder of the job portal

Our data show that companies that include office photos in their job offers attract 31% more jobseekers on average. This naturally happens when a candidate doesn't have to go for an interview to see if he or she would like to spend eight hours a day in the place for the next few years. By far the most popular location is Prague's Karlín district. However, it is not possible to easily separate the attractiveness of Karlín as such from the influence of the concentration of many companies with attractive employer branding and extremely above-standard facilities, which sometimes includes things like a cafeteria, gym or sauna
Marc Delacroix, founder of

The love for Karlín is also acknowledged by the start-up DoDo, which moved to the former Pragovka at the beginning of 2021.

The newly renovated offices in the Praga Office & Garden building, plenty of meeting rooms, industrial design and the automotive history of a place that resonates perfectly with our company are one of a number of benefits we can offer employees.
Renáta Klementová, DoDo's HR Director

The investment group Pale Fire Capital, which has its offices near the Old Town Square, is also betting on a good location.

Our candidates appreciate the authenticity of the historic neighbourhood, good accessibility and high-quality ergonomic furniture, which they can adapt to their individual needs.
Petra Nulíčková, HR manager at PFC
Comfortable seating next to a yellow shipping container in MSC's corporate colours

An opportunity to immediately absorb the corporate culture

Each company tries to express its values and objectives in its marketing materials. But why stop at marketing only? The office itself is a great space for expressing corporate culture. The choice of colours, decorations and the overall layout of the workspaces will say a lot about what the candidate can expect from the company

An open office with lots of natural light suggests that the company cares about the health and mental well-being of employees. Playful colours and original decorative elements highlight the importance of creativity at work. On the contrary, the grey cocoons and clear division in the quality of space between employees and management may seem a bit like a dystopian sci-fi movie.

We meet candidates who want to leave or avoid a dull corporate atmosphere and care about the overall impression of the environment in which they work. Jobseekers don't object to an open office concept, unless it is a huge, impersonal space. They respond well to a more intimate layout, as well as the use of colours and decorations. In my experience, a pleasant office environment always attracts candidates, who are also interested in a space to rest. We have a lot of positive feedback on the design and a good impression.
Maja Baranová, Human Resources Lead at Favi
 Comfortable seating in armchairs in an environment of moss paintings Comfortable seating next to a yellow shipping container in MSC's corporate colours

Comfort is immediately recognizable

The office must provide enough privacy and comfort for employees. But companies should keep in mind that these aspects of the office need to be emphasized long before someone enters the reception area. A perceptive job candidate can appreciate an exceptionally comfortable office.

The work environment has a huge impact on productivity and creativity, which is why we see this issue as very important. We recently celebrated the opening of offices in Benešov, where our customer care centre is located. Soon we will open new office spaces in Karlín, where other teams will be based. An important aspect is definitely the informal environment. Other popular elements would be places for informal meetings, brainstorming or relaxation zones and a smaller number of glass meeting rooms. The work environment reflects the company's culture. It is important for us that people feel good in it.
Giang Nguyen Thu, HR Business Partner at Aukro
Agile working environment with flexible use for Monsterlab employees

Not only recruitment, but also loyalty

Office design is an extremely important factor long after recruitment. A beautiful, practical and comfortable office first attracts employees and then keeps them in the company. A great way to ensure long-term employee loyalty in terms of office design is to offer everyone enough flexibility. It also proves that the company is not rigid towards employees and offers the possibility of change.

Starting with the initial design of the office, it pays to think about both current and potential employees. They will immediately receive a first impression of your company as soon as they walk through the door. CAPEXUS will help you create modern premises that will help you recruit and retain new employees. 

All you have to do is contact us. We will take care of your project from start to finish.
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Photos Authors: Petr Andrlík, Alexander Dobrovodský, Adam Fuchs & Lukáš Prokůpek, Martina Prášková

Published: September 21, 2021

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