Technical design

An office cannot be built or renovated without complete technical design. CAPEXUS's experienced team of designers provides comprehensive services for all levels of technical design. We can combine the best ideas with standard and legal requirements, all with the aim of fast, safe, and completely trouble-free implementation.

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Architectural study and project assignment

Following initial consultations with the client, the architects will create an architectural study. We will translate your requirements and ideas into a formal shape together with them. The study includes not only visualizations of your new offices, but also all information about the basic layout, dimensions, functional layout or, for example, the basic interior design

We work closely with you to meet all your requirements and ideas about your new premises.

Pohled na projektovou dokumentaci a razítko

Building permit

We will prepare all the documentation required for obtaining a building permit from the building authority. This includes layout drawings, the general technical report, architectural and construction solutions or information about electrical installations and other technologies. We will meet all the authority's requirements and obtain a building permit.

Leave the paperwork to us

You do not have to worry about standards, decrees and any administrative requirements. Simply put, the paperwork associated with the project is our problem. The Czech Republic has one of the most complex approval processes, so it is always advisable to turn to experts.

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Construction documentation

We will process the documentation for the construction down to the smallest detail, including all specifications needed for implementation. This includes a detailed bill of quantities, based on which the exact price of the project is determined. Our designers work closely with the implementation team and consult with them about individual solutions. The construction documentation serves as a basic document for the entire implementation.

detailed  3D model made by BIM

We can also
work in BIM

When designing, we use the BIM methodology (Building Information Modelling), which is fundamentally changing how our industry works. We supplement the drawings and regular documentation with exceptionally detailed 3D models, which are used both for the implementation of construction work and for subsequent maintenance. This eliminates complications on the construction site and leads to significant cost savings.

In each phase of the project, we work closely with you to meet all the requirements and ideas about the operation of the new premises. Thanks to the 3D model, we can easily present various solution variants and required changes.

Designer's supervision throughout the implementation

We will ensure designer's supervision during the actual construction. We check on the progress of the construction to ensure everything runs smoothly. Throughout the construction, we monitor compliance with the construction conditions set by the building authority.

We save money

Thanks to the use of BIM and straightforward access to project documentation, we save both time and money, because we do not have to deal with additional problems that arise during the construction itself. The 3D model reveals spatial conflicts during the design phase, which we would be unlikely to detect in 2D.

velké množství dokumentů

Documentation of the actual execution of the construction

In the implementation completion phase, we will process the documentation of the actual execution of the construction. This is the basis for the building approval procedure and contains all changes between the finished work and the documentation approved by the building authority.

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Final approval

With quality of technical design, final approval is only a formality. Thanks to this, we are able to implement new office projects in record time.

Non-binding consultation

We are more than happy to take care of all your technical design.
Take advantage of our services and do not hesitate to contact us.

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