Fortuna SK offices, conquered by the spirit of sport


Digital Park II, Bratislava


Fortuna SK


1 300 sqm


08/2O22 - 2/2023

Fortuna was founded in Prague in 1990. It became one of the first post-revolutionary joint stock companies in the then Czechoslovakia. It was one of the first companies on the Slovak market to launch online betting and in January 2009 i
t introduced online betting in the Czech Republic.
Continuous progress and the need to support employee comfort in the workplace were important factors
in the renovation of the office environment in the Digital Park II building in Bratislava.

Game zone in the office

We are tired
of home office

Our goal was to connect the two existing separate offices on the 2nd floor into one unit. We supported the idea
of keeping the original partitions and thus reducing
the cost of the renovation itself.

NAn invaluable reason for undertaking the project was to attract staff back to work. To create working conditions so that the time spent in the office motivates them and brings results in all aspects. Promoting socialisation was paramount in this case.

Massive plywood entrance reception area

Welcome to us!

Upon entering the space, the reception takes the lead.
The reception desk is designed with plywood panels
The clean lines are complemented by the grey laminate wood paneling on the wall and the adjacent desk, which
is prioritized for mail and administrative work.

Meeting space in wood and shades of yellow

Relaxation without compromise

The meeting space feels modern and covers all the needs for relaxation, communication and refreshment in one. The zone has been designed so that employees have
a perfect view of the capital's castle from this part of the office, which underlines the importance of the zone itself.
The dominant natural motif, featuring large format plywood on the walls and kitchen, is easily complemented by modern piece furniture.

The challenge of the zone for the architects was the existing massive columns. These had to be incorporated into the space
in a way that was both unobtrusive and hygienically maintainable. For this reason, a special coating of white paint was applied
to the entire space. The relaxation area is enriched with intelligent audio-video technology that allows the entire office to be connected from one place. At the same time, employees can also relax in this zone through energetic games located in the game room.

Spacious meeting room

We are still
in the office

The space is interspersed with meeting rooms and several smaller offices, which are furnished with simple and design furniture. The environment is enlivened by details in a sporty spirit. The walls are designed with high quality acoustic plasterboards. The lighting is original, in this case it was possible to keep the suspended ceilings, which met both technical, health and economic factors.

The cooperation with FORTUNA SK was professional in all aspects. Thanks to active communication, the implementation was transformed to the overall satisfaction of the client and CAPEXUS SK at the same time. The resulting space is open, airy and fully meets the client's requirements.
Ján Babic Architect, CAPEXUS SK
Enclosed offices for several employees

Dynamics in the floor

The floor itself was particularly in focus. Marmoleum was used for the entire surface. This is a durable natural material that is made from cork shreds and a mixture of resin and linseed oil. Jute fabric is used as a backing. The advantage of the material itself is the wide range of colours and decors.

Fortuna SK entrance lobby

It is not always necessary to change the office environment from the ground up. Many elements can
be given a second wind by subtly changing the colour
or modernising the technology or designing
timeless acoustic elements.

If you're not sure what to do, don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be happy to assess the current state of your commercial environment and design a space using some existing elements.

Author of the photos: Fortuna SK, Bratislava

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