ČEZ ESCO strengthens its building services engineering offering, completes acquisition of CAPEXUS

CAPEXUS is one of the leading Czech companies engaged in the design, planning and implementation of modern and energy-efficient office space, as well as the revitalization of older commercial buildings. In connection with the push for decarbonisation and greater energy efficiency of commercial buildings, a high demand for modern and functional revitalizations is expected on the real estate market. The collaboration with CAPEXUS will make it possible to reach new clients in this market, especially investors in office space and the tenants themselves. The merger of the two companies has already been approved by the Office for the Protection of Competition

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The competitive advantage of CAPEXUS when it comes to the implementation of complex projects is the fact that it has its own architectural and design studio, including specialists in modern BIM design. CAPEXUS implements orders as Design & Build, i.e. from initial design to project implementation. This is a method that saves clients significant time throughout the construction process. Both the BIM and Design & Build approach are used by other ČEZ ESCO subsidiaries.

The same revolution is taking place in buildings that took place, for example, in cars. They are becoming sophisticated smart devices, where great emphasis is placed on air quality, lighting or the right temperature settings. The rules for their energy efficiency and climate footprint are also being tightened. CAPEXUS will strengthen our Building Energy cluster and expand our portfolio with office building orders. CAPEXUS will cooperate especially with our subsidiaries AZ KLIMA and HORMEN.
Kamil Čermák, ČEZ ESCO CEO

In addition to industrial contracts, photovoltaics and cogeneration, building services engineering is a key sector for ČEZ ESCO. The company’s subsidiaries like AZ KLIMA, Domat Control System, ENESA, HORMEN, KART and AIR PLUS are all involved in it.

During its 10 years of existence, CAPEXUS has transformed the working environment for more than 400 companies, including Avast, Jan Becher Pernod Ricard, DHL, T-Mobile, Siemens, UniCredit Bank, Vodafone and others.

We are creating unique offices to help companies grow, but we too want further growth, which is why we have joined forces with ČEZ ESCO. We have already met some ČEZ ESCO subsidiaries on the market, and by working together, both parties will obtain other clients and interesting contracts. Energy-efficient buildings in connection with the latest trends in sustainable building technologies is a great opportunity for the future.
Daniel Matula, managing partner of CAPEXUS

Published December 17, 2021

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