UniCredit Bank has offices ready for a changing world


Building Filadelfie


UniCredit Bank CR&SK


11 000 sqm


11/2019 - 12/2020

The working environment is inevitably changing due to the coronavirus pandemic. In the future, we will see a more frequent combination of work from home and going to the office, increasingly transforming the workplace into a space for interaction
and meetings. In this spirit, we have designed and are also gradually reconstructing the Czech headquarters of one of the largest global banks – UniCredit Bank.

A smart office supports open communication and therefore connects all colleagues into one joint team. Our most recent internal survey confirms that almost 100% of our colleagues in the main building prefer to combine working in a smart office with working from home. That is why we have already created the conditions for this to be possible in advance.

Jakub Dusílek, CEO of UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia, says in the video.

Spacious corporate kitchen in a wooden design

Business lounge

Therefore, UniCredit Bank's headquarters were created so that the floor plan and rooms directly reflect the fact that people go to the office mainly to work in teams and for meetings. The business lounge is a spacious meeting area with a large kitchen, coworking areas and shared workplaces, as well as a living room-like.

Previously, UniCredit Bank combined closed and open offices with fixed jobs at its headquarters. The biggest change for employees is the prevalence of open space, along with the fact that dedicated workspaces are no longer used. The motivation was to create a so-called business lounge. The goal was to create a place where people actually work, not empty space for effect. This came about better than expected; the employees really use the business lounge a lot.
Jakub Seči, CAPEXUS architect
Glazed meeting room separated by glass partitions from the corridor in the company UniCredit Bank

Multifunctional spaces

In addition, UniCredit Bank has specialized rooms that correspond to the most common activities. In the
think tank rooms, employees engage in work requiring
a high degree of concentration or work together
in teams
Office & meet are used for smaller meetings, unless they are reserved for individual work. As the name suggests, the phone booths are for making phone calls or can be used by two to three colleagues for a meeting.

The flexi room is for so-called stand-up meetings, which is why it is furnished with a high desk and a large screen for connecting people via video calls.

We want to enable greater employee involvement, make work more efficient and (if necessary) allow parents to be at work with their children – in the unique Work & Play environment.

Says Jakub Dusílek, describing a space where you can both work and keep your children amused.

Lockable lockers in wooden design next to the bar table in the company UniCredit Bank

Flexibility of
the environment

Overall, the number of workstations has decreased, while all newly delivered desks are adjustable to ensure maximum flexibility and comfort. Employees adhere to a clean desk policy and lockers have been added to the interior.

Comfortable coupe seats for more privacy

The main element

The most frequently used material in UniCredit Bank's offices in the 17-storey Filadelfie building, the largest in the Brumlovka complex in Prague 4, is wood. Natural oak tiles were applied to informal meeting places, kitchens with
a bar counter, built-in counters in the façade, open meeting rooms reminiscent of a train compartment, and lockers. All these furnishings were made to measure. Another significant element is the heraklith tiles featuring the bank's logo.

The biggest success was transferring the bank's identity into a pleasant and homey interior, mainly thanks to the use of wood and informal zones. We managed to create a living office in which shared spaces are used every day.
Jakub Seči, CAPEXUS architect

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Photo author: Jiří Bednář

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