Unique offices for the Siemens Developer team


City West - Praha


Siemens, s.r.o.


1 000 sqm



In September 2016, we completed a large project for Siemens developers. The office spaces with a total area of 1 000 m² are located on the ground floor of the building West City B2 in Prague 5 - Stodůlky. The project consists of a fit-out and furniture equipment.

Illuminated office spaces separated by atypically shaped OSB boards combined with markable glasses, a carpet with a square pattern on the floor.

OSB as basis

The task was to create a unique, modern and airy space. The main element of the interior design is OSB construction, which supports not only the suspended ceilings, but also areas for relaxation and informal meetings. Thanks to the OSB plates and the use of subtle shades of color, complemented by corporate blue, we created a bright, cozy and unusual space to work in.

View of large wallpapers with colorful motifs at the end of the corridor, where on the right are also glassed walls and OSB on the left side with a recordable glass.

Playful environment

The playful environment is supported by the design and the colors of the carpet, which were at first glance randomly scattered. There are unique glass walls/boards on OSB semi-glass paneling partitions that you can write on, a board painting that can also be used as a writing board and large wallpapers with colorful motives. The architectural part was designed by our architect Ing. arch. Tereza Bradová.

View of the relaxation zone with a gray-yellow sofa and black and white accessories. Behind the corridor, which is separated from each other by a glass wall, there is a meeting room.


Meeting rooms, offices, kitchens and a large space for relaxation are all furnished by ACTIU – the model od the seating and tables is the LONGO series, the there are CRON conference chairs, WING chairs and Tabula TAR 20 tables. SOFTLINE delivered the Loft sofa, Eden armchairs, Drum pouffes and Magnum Fatboys. The special bar chairs from the Volt series produced by Pedrali were used in phone booths and big relaxation area.
We believe that the unique playful and casual environment with relaxing spaces will be an inspiration for The Siemens Development team. 

In our Development centre, Siemens traditionally intends to create a nice and friendly atmosphere in the office; a place where people are motivated to work, to be creative and a place where innovations come to life. Together with CAPEXUS, we managed to design and create new spaces, where our colleagues feel good and have everything they need for work and creativity. It was very important for us to create a multifunctional place, where we can drink a cup of coffee with co-workers, play some table-tennis, organize a large meeting and celebrate holidays with our families. Our new central hub with a bar table, called Ingenuity Coffee, has made it through its’ first “endurance tests“. We look forward to further collaboration.
V. Kulla, Siemens

B3 City West

The B3 Siemens building is one of the City West office buildings situated in Prague 5 – Stodůlky. In addition to these administrative headquarters, presenting the perfect combination of services and working environment to their users, where the architecture, unique design and green relaxation areas have a key role; here we can find completely new residential headquarters, the city park and the central square with shops and services.

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