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550 sqm



CAPEXUS took part in the implementation of the very first of a series of innovative wellness cafes, which was opened a stone's throw away from Wenceslas Square by the Healthy Longevity Clinic international network of private clinics. Besides a completely revolutionary concept, the cafe offers many attractive design solutions.

view of the café with greenery from the staircase

A place of the future where you can turn back the clock

Instead of standard coffee, Healthy Longevity Clinic incorporates health and longevity into its menu. What does this mean in practice? Visitors have access to diagnostic testing and a team of experts right in the cafe. All this combined with the possibility to purchase scientifically proven food supplements and enjoy high-quality meals that meet individual nutritional needs.

stairs and plants

Even a quick glance at the photos reveals the uniqueness of the entire space. CAPEXUS carried out the necessary building modifications, including the laying of floors, and based on the design by architects from the CHYBIK+KRISTOF studio, produced atypical interior fittings and unique furniture. A visitor to the cafe finds themselves in an "elegant jungle" full of greenery, dominated by metal structures, stained wooden beams and plenty of natural daylight flooding through large windows.

The origin of the architectural design is presented by Ing. arch. Ondřej Švančara from CHYBIK+KRISTOF studio.

The main motive of the design is the intensive greening of the interior corresponding to a healthy indoor environment. Characteristic blue-green shades pervade the entire space, which are prescribed, for example, in the surface treatment of the wooden floor, supplemented by accents of shades of red in the seating furniture. Together with other complementary materials, such as recycled plastic or dark wood, this sets an easily recognisable and memorable palette that will represent the Longevity concept in other branches within the global market in the future.
Ondřej Švančara from CHYBIK+KRISTOF studio
space with design colourful chairs and plants

Equipped for health and mindfulness

The presence of recycled materials, special filtered water or circadian lighting that adjusts to the time of day goes hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle. An interesting feature is the presence of contrasting seating in red and coral, which resonates pleasantly with the space.

café with design colourful TON chairs and plants

It goes without saying that local suppliers are supported. In the cafe, you can sit on TON chairs from the SPLIT collection, the first in the world to use a massive woodchip split bent in opposite directions. The cafe also includes an outdoor area with weatherproof seating.

café terrace with red design chairs

A new generation of technological and community cafes

The Healthy Longevity Cafe represents a truly exceptional project that opens a completely new chapter in the global network of innovative wellness cafes. Do not hesitate to visit this project at Opletalova 930/28 and see for yourself what CAPEXUS can do. If you too want to implement an original interior concept, do not hesitate to contact us.

Photos author: Alex Shoots Buildings

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