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myhive Vajnorská | Tower 1, Bratislava




1000 sqm



With the mycowork project, CAPEXUS Design & Build follows up on the successful 2019 collaboration with the myhive brand from the IMMOFINANZ portfolio. That year, we implemented an entrance lobby in both myhive office towers I and II. The implementation was carried out while the buildings continued to fully operate and to the satisfaction of both parties. Therefore, we were greatly looking forward to again working with this client in the design and subsequent implementation of office space with an area of more than 1,000 sqm. The myhive concept has its own design style for easier brand recognition, wherever it operates. Despite, our team of architects was given the client's trust and wide latitude to show off their creative ideas and inspirations in the design process.

Modern office environment with design elements at myhive

Bratislava in the
palm of your hand

Although the look of the office space was based on myhive's own design style, the main motif and inspiration in this case was Bratislava. Many elements that appear in the space itself therefore represent the Slovak capital. Of particular note is the specially designed wallpaper with a Bratislava Castle motif, which you will see right at the entrance to the premises.

The atypical space provides employees an above-standard area per square metre per person, but also a luxurious view of the capital from every direction. That is one of the reasons why these spaces feel so comfortable.

Corporate kitchen in colour and atypical lighting in myhive offices

Employee satisfaction
comes first

The kitchen became the central meeting area. Its shapes and colours will surely attract your attention. Employees will enjoy the luxury coffee machine with cool milk dispenser and the faucet with a built-in filter that offers various kinds of sparkling water.

What can you find in the new myhive offices?

  • There are height-adjustable desks with integrated mobile phone chargers throughout the office.
  • At first glance, all the glass partitions look like simple glazes. However, these are specially designed double glazes with improved acoustic properties, complemented by wooden doors featuring Salto technology.
  • The meeting rooms, equipped with motion sensors, are a memorable element. When entering the room, the TV set for presentations will turn on automatically.
Meeting room with cactus wallpaper and colourful carpet in myhive offices

Colours and shapes at every turn

The whole concept is based on wallpapers of different styles. The client explicitly wished to avoid dull white walls, which helped unleash our creativity. The basic colour is a distinctive red, which appears in the individual elements throughout the office.

Another interesting element is the deliberately visible concrete in the ceiling, which is also highlighted in the meeting rooms and common areas by special acoustic luminaires in various colours and lights. No expense was spared on the floor. A higher standard of carpeting and vinyl was designed for the offices, in all common areas and zones. To achieve a feeling of cosiness, the vinyl was complemented by high-quality area rugs.

Social area for myhive employees with storage boxes and plants

Decorations play an important role

Decorations are an important element of the whole space. They improve the atmosphere in the café, they are also creative and depict elements of Bratislava. Approximately 70 paintings, various decorative statuettes and a special neon sign placed at the reception area were used. Abundant plants create a pleasant impression.

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Author of the photos: Aeternus Pictures - Tomáš Schiller

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