Inspiring space for global IT company


Prague 4


Global IT company


6 000 sqm



In spring 2018, a global IT company began merging its two separate centres into one building. We oversaw the complete reconstruction. The biggest challenge? Modifying the space in such a way that the two departments were united, allowing the teams to meet and collaborate more easily.

Office corridor with green-gray interior at IBM company.

Inspirational interior

Thanks to the reconstruction, the space has been illuminated and become more airy. The detached offices and the quiet rooms have been transformed into a spacious, colourful interior that inspires and permits both concentration and relaxation.

Office room with a modern interior in violet colors at IBM company

Comfortable offices

 For work requiring concentration and quiet, CAPEXUS furnished the interior with smaller meeting rooms, SilentLab Microoffice telephone booths (pictured) and screens that separate the individual sitting areas.

Kitchenette in bright colors in the IBM company

Relaxation spaces

We equipped each floor with a kitchenette with plenty of space to sit and relax or enjoy a meal.

Relaxation zone for friendly colleagues meetings at IBM company.

Shared office space

This company was one of the first companies to apply the "shared desk policy", which encourages more efficient use of space.

The modern design of the rest zone for IBM employees

Meeting of employees

The rest zone replaced the original kitchenette with a coffeemaker in each department in line with the architect's new design concept that encourages staff across departments to meet and helps eliminate the negative impacts of a sedentary job.

Rest room of IBM company

Offices in the spirit of modern trends

The offices reflect modern trends in the work environment. They provide plenty of room for work and concentration, as well as storage in lockable cabinets, which is something very much needed in a company adhering to a clean desk policy.

Colorful niche with a modern interior at IBM


An integral part of the interior is the inspirational stickers on the walls. The colourful walls and  furniture have breathed new life into the formerly dull grey interior.

Cheerful design of the relaxation room at IBA company

New design

The design of the new layout and appearance of the four floors of the building comes from the studio of PM Group, senior designer Karol Lakatoš. The new space was implemented by CAPEXUS.

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