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Monster has been connecting job candidates with interesting opportunities on the labour market for 25 years, all with the goal of making every workplace happier and more productive. The recruitment of new employees goes hand in hand with the working environment, which is why we take immense pride in the trust placed in us by the company's Czech office. Take a look at the result of our cooperation.

kitchenette with high bar table

Two floor
becomes one

One of the decisive factors why the client chose us is our comprehensive Design & Build approach. The pandemic created new conditions and introduced the hybrid work scheme. As many employees now use the opportunity to work partially from home, the company's management decided to reduce the size of its offices.

We therefore prepared complete project documentation and a clever architectural design that reduces the office space in the River Garden building in Karlín from the original two floors to one.

corridor with a rounded wall

The challenge was to simplify the interior and depart to a certain degree from the original design, which was mainly characterized by round shapes. On the other hand, we were asked to keep the original ceiling and existing floor coverings.

relaxation corner with a sitting bag
Overall, the implementation was carried out in a spirit of openness, modernization and practical lighting solutions, which is also reflected in the interior furnishings.
storage boxes for personal belongings in the openspace office
wooden slats with plants
design acoustic panels in company colours
hanging plants on a metal grid
relaxation zone with variable furniture

A monstrous character

The unmistakable corporate identity is clearly reflected in the design of the offices. At first glance, the colour palette, dominated by purple and turquoise, catches your eye. These two colours complement each other perfectly in the interior, while wooden elements provide a sense of insulation. Morphology cannot be overlooked either. 

We followed up on the existing stickers on the glass partitions with graphic triangles and circles.

bar and dining table with hanging bulbs and acoustic wall

These accents are reproduced in the other elements, including acoustic panels. We added other acoustic elements to the offices, which were completely absent before. A very attractive connecting element of the entire design are the slats with windows for greenery.

wooden bike

A smaller space is an opportunity

The optimization of Monster's office is proof that it is possible to achieve great results even in a smaller space. All in accordance with the requirement to preserve certain elements and accentuate the corporate identity.

If you don't want to make unnecessary compromises because of a smaller space, do not hesitate to contact us. The experience of our experts will convince you that investing in quality pays off.

Author of photos: Martina Prášková

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