Centropol has acquired offices through which energy flows again


Prague 8 - Oasis Florenc




420 sqm



Centropol, a Czech supplier of electricity and gas to more than 262,000 supply points, relies on fair conditions,
a transparent approach to clients and, since March 2020, on modern office facilities. CAPEXUS was tasked with building a space that offers current trends ready for the company's fast pace. Have a look at the result of our work.

Reception with a luminous Centropol sign with a lobby corner

Moving: an opportunity

The rapid growth of the business and the number ofemployees is great news for the company, but in practice presents a huge challenge on many levels.
In its former offices in an older building, Centropol long had to deal with a lack of space and related complications. The inadequate ergonomics of the working environment was only one of the reasons for moving to the fifth floor of the modern Oasis Florenc building on Sokolovská Street in Prague. 

A completely empty space and the client's trust gave our architects a free hand in designing and implementing the offices. The new offices solve all the current problems while also looking to the future.
Corporate kitchen with bar table and chairs

Simply functional

The Centropol offices were not the first project that CAPEXUS implemented in the Oasis Florenc building. Knowledge of the location and previous experience with the building were a unique advantage. Project work and all coordination was exemplary and rapid, despite the emergency measures associated with the coronavirus pandemic. The result is a modern office space concept without pronounced colours and materials. These could disrupt the calm atmosphere and the emphasis on projecting corporate elements into the interior.

Inspiration from nature

Open space offices with acoustic panels in the company Centropol

Excellence on
a budget

Embarking on a path of simplicity also led to significant financial savings, but without unpleasant compromises. On the contrary, the offices and the whole space contain many interesting elements that impress at first sight. These include a meeting room furnished with Actiu furniture, an open space with the company logo, visual connection of carpets and walls through grey stripes or an elegant kitchen suitable for relaxation during work breaks. The new offices do not lack for daylight or flowers.

Meeting room with comfortable chairs for Centropol employees

Satisfaction made to measure

The client enjoyed a trouble-free move to the new offices, despite the state of emergency. Absolute satisfaction with the course of the project and its result is key for us. We are delighted to have had the opportunity to create
a work environment for Centropol that will continue to grow and function flawlessly together with the company's employees.

Information about the building: 

The prestigious and at the same time one of the most distinctive office buildings, which was completed in 2007, has excellent accessibility by public transport including metro Florenc. Tenants have the opportunity to use a wide range of services, the exterior of the building has a nice landscaping, while there is a modern shopping arcade with a supermarket, florist, cafe and other services on the ground floor. Oasis Florenc combines the advantages of a location in the city center with 14,000 sqm of modern offices.

Author of photographs: Petr Andrlík

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