First WELL accreditation for CAPEXUS goes to architect Jan Andrle

Architectural studio and commercial interiors specialist CAPEXUS has its first WELL accredited professional. The accreditationwas awarded to long-time company architect Jan Andrle, who among others has helped design offices for Cebia, Allianz and UPC. Compared to the LEED or BREEAM certificates, which mainly assess a building's efficient construction and operation, WELL focuses on indoor environment parameters that affect the health and well-being of the building's occupants.


WELL accreditation for indoor environments evaluates, among other things, air quality, water quality, support for healthy eating, lighting, acoustic comfort and opportunities for physical fitness. Thanks to the accreditation, CAPEXUS will guide the client through the entire process of certifying any administrative space. Accreditation is issued by the International WELL Building Institute.


The accreditation process involves a three-month self-study with a final exam consisting of 100 test questions not only about building, architecture and design, but also about health with an emphasis on wellness in a constructed environment. Test questions are selected to verify the candidate's comprehensive knowledge of WELL Building principles, procedures and standards of application.

The accreditation is an excellent theoretical basis for any architect and workplace consultant. We see in it the potential for our clients to improve the overall experience that people have in their offices. WELL will contribute to making companies even more aware of the quality of their work environment. Accreditation will bring significant benefits to employees.
Ing. arch. Jan Andrle, CAPEXUS

Andrle has been working at CAPEXUS since 2013, initially focusing mainly on space planning. Since mid-2014, he has been working as an architect and since 2018 he has been leading the architectural department. He has created design and space plans for companies such as Allianz, UPC, Tabella and RICOH.

About the company

CAPEXUS is a leading player in the commercial interior market in Central Europe. For clients using office and business premises, it provides a comprehensive design & build service that follows the latest trends in the fields of architecture, layout and interior equipment.

Over 70 professionals specializing in architecture, design, work environment, building implementation, building technology and turnkey delivery of interiors have over the last eight years created a new working environment for more than 400 companies from large corporations to young dynamic start-ups. CAPEXUS annually implements more than 130,000 square metres of space.

Author: Petr Bořuta

Published May 16, 2020

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