An upgrade that truly benefited a start-up's offices


Danube House


Technology startup


2 200 sqm


03/2021 - 05/2021

Changes to layouts and major renovations to already implemented offices always come with a number of questions. But the experienced CAPEXUS team once again managed to find answers. The result is modern offices that are ready for the further growth of a successful start-up. Check out the successful "upgrade" and get inspired.

Corporate kitchen in modern style with wooden decor

Corporate identity preserved

The reconstruction and a number of improvements to the existing offices were mostly reflected in the overall layout of the offices, kitchen and relaxation zone. Intervening into a functional concept requires a profound understanding of the overall context of the design, both from the point of view of the architecture itself and, for example, the materials used.

Lecture stage with cushions and tables

More comfort

Although the modifications took place in several phases, the strong corporate identity of the brand, the well-thought-out orientation and playfulness of the space were not disrupted in any way. Employees can enjoy increased levels of comfort, with showers being one of the most significant innovations. These allow them to arrive, for example, by bike and treat themselves to a refreshing shower before work.

Acoustic elements

Comfort zone with variable furniture and separable wooden wall

Master carpenters

The new interior furnishings, accompanied by carpentry work and constructions, play a key role in the transformation of the offices, while wood is an essential component of the space's atmosphere. The kitchen contains high-quality Actiu furniture. Another crucial element is the new relaxation zone, which serves both for rest and for recharging, as well as for informal business meetings.

Flexible space

Relaxation room with flexible seating and technical equipment

High tech environment

Within this project, emphasis was also placed on the functionality and technical sophistication of the premises. Of course, all the necessary audio-visual equipment is available. The modifications also extended to the original air distribution systems, which were strengthened and redesigned. In its projects, CAPEXUS does not only think about what is immediately visible.

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Author of the photos:  Petr Andrlík

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