"Rehabilitation" of the Centre of Physical Medicine interior


V Parku, Prague 4


Pavel Kolar’s Centre
of Physical Medicine


1 650 sqm


6/2O22 - 9/2022

Pavel Kolar´s Centre of Physical Medicine is proof that the human body and modern interiors have much in common. The key role is played by an individual and comprehensive approach, correct diagnostics and, last but not least, expertise. This time our team paid attention to the new interiors of the Centre of Physical Medicine in Prague's Chodov district. Take a look at the result and
our other realizations in the field of medical facilities.

Modern exercise space

The right direction
of movement

The centre moved to new premises with a total area
of 1650 m² in order to offer clients modern facilities and
a wide range of specialisations in one place.

Based on the prepared architecture, we developed the technical design and implemented the construction and much
of the equipment of the entire centre.

White corridor with wooden elements

Healthcare facilities bring with them a number
of specifics, from the need to choose appropriate surface materials with respect to hygiene requirements
to additional protective earthing of the electrical wiring. Thanks to our previous experience in this field (see
the interior of the premium private clinic VasMedic), we were prepared for these special requirements.

Office in the jungle

A healthy perspective

The interiors of conventional healthcare facilities often have an almost sterile feel and can cause anxiety or other unwanted emotions in patients. This makes the careful realisation of the design, which brings exemplary friendliness and muted colour tones, all the more important.

A soothing combination of materials, thoughtful acoustics, quality lighting and ample space for everyone are among the main ingredients of a progressive center where children, seniors and professional athletes can find help.

Waiting room with comfortable seating and atypical furnishings

Comfortable waiting

Visitors have comfortable seating while waiting outside each treatment room, where we have installed special equipment and rehabilitation aids as needed. Our delivery also included minor carpentry work associated
with atypical pieces of equipment.

Reception area in a clean and bright design

We can work out
with any space

Pavel Kolar’s Centre of Physical Medicine was one of the other implementations requiring major changes in layout and maximum expertise. Our teams are ready for challenges like this, so don't hesitate to contact us with requirements for your future office, facility, clinic, gym
or other commercial space.

Author of the photos: Petr Andrlík

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