Formal opening of the new receptions of Allianz in Diamond Point building


Diamond Point




250 sqm



On Wednesday 7/1 a ceremonial opening of the new Allianz reception at Diamond Point building took place.

Office building opened in 2004 received completion of the first phase of reconstructions. The second reception in the lower floor and entrance bridge for the pedestrians will follow.

Newly opened Allianz reception at Diamond Point. The reception with large windows overlooking the outside is complemented by white armchairs.

Glass design

The symbolical blindfold was cut together by Allianz CEO Jakub Strnad and author of the design Bořek Šípek, who is one of the most renowned architects specialized in glass design.

In Diamond Point, the opening of the Allianz reception was held, and Bořek Šípek also attended the solemn toast.

Grand opening

Important representatives of the involved parties were present – among others Allianz CFO Sonia Slavtcheva, financial coordinator of the project Kristýna Gellérová, head of agency DTZ (Pavel Domalewski) and JLL (Eduard Forejt), who manage leasing of the building, landlord representative Vítězslav Vala, technical supervision Lukáš Drobník form Norman Rourke Pryme.

Glazed entrance with live plants to the Allianz reception in the Diamond Point building.

Full flow

On behalf of CAPEXUS attended the partner of the company Karel Konečný, project managers Libor Frebort (technical department) and Lucie Malá (business team) and Klára Sikorová for Operations.

Both design and realization was received with applause from the client’s side. Even though during reconstruction the building worked at full flow, its operating wasn‘t limited.


Enlightened Allianz reception with design lamps and white armchairs along the wall.

The completion

While the employees and visitors are starting to use the new entrance and lobby area, the task of CAPEXUS company follows on the lower floor in the second reception. The completion is planned for the middle of March 2015.

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