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The Park - Prague 4


NESS Czech


 1 750 sqm


2/2021 - 4/2021

Experienced IT professionals help companies from financial institutions to mobile operators use modern technology to unlock their business potential. Further digital transformations await the "Nessies" in their completely renovated offices in Prague's Chodov district. Take a look at their new look.

Flexible open space with high ergonomic chairs and a telephone booth

When a change
is the source
of innovation

Well-designed offices help overcome several obstacles, whether it's a lack of experts in a particular field or a low level of diversity in the workplace. And the Czech NESS office is well aware of the importance of the quality
of the working environment. It is not a big surprise that the company decided to undertake a comprehensive transformation of its 1,750 sqm of office space. It offers employees not only exemplary flexibility but also
a completely new working environment.

Ness lobby space with comfortable furniture

Don't underestimate the first impression

Our projects have to work as a whole, which can excite a wide range of office users. This includes business partners or future employees. So we created an open client zone for the company within the elevator lobby. Upon arriving and opening the elevator doors, the NESS brand immediately speaks to the visitor through color, design, and overall atmosphere. 

The space includes a sympathetic lounge, café, reception, and a representative meeting room. A great advantage is the fact that the client center operates as a separate zone. 

Corporate kitchen in white and a comfortable armchair for relaxation

Ideal working conditions

Developing complex IT solutions requires the right conditions. In addition to workstations, the employee zone also offers areas for brainstorming, focused work, and team collaboration. Ample meeting rooms with high-quality technology, the presence of soundproof phone booths, and the opportunity to relax in a private café with a relaxation area are a matter of course.

We design spaces for a changing world

If you do not want to underestimate the environment and optimal working conditions, do not hesitate to contact us. We will take care of your project from start to finish.

Photos author: Lukáš Hausenblas

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