Multimedia showroom for PASSERINVEST


BBC Brumlovka




45 sqm



PASSERINVEST GROUP introduced the first multimedia showroom in Europe – the BB CENTROOM, providing a realistic and timeless presentation of the history, present and future of the development of the BB Centre Brumlovka complex. CAPEXUS designed the showroom for PASSERINVEST GROUP.

3D plastic model in PASSERINVEST multimedia showroom


The presentation shows the creation and development of the BB Centre, from past stages to planned projects, both in terms of housing and office space, as well as civic amenities. Visitors can also travel back in time and learn about the history of this site in Prague's Michle district. Thanks to the curved projection screen with an immersive projection covering 14.3 m², viewers become part of the experience. The realistic 3D plastic 1:450 scale model of the BB Centre deepens the presentation experience.

Thanks to well-chosen architecture, a customer centre was created in the area, which we will actively use for our business activities. We can easily present what the BB Centre has to offer to our business partners or companies looking for new, modern offices. Other potential target groups can be the general public interested in the offer of residential housing or representatives of the public sector and state administration, or students interested in urbanism, social responsibility, the environment, modern cities and infrastructure.
Vladimír Klouda, executive director of PASSERINVEST GROUP
3D model of BB Center with modern technologies in PASSERINVEST showroom

BB Centrum model

Modern technology controls the model of the BB Centre itself, which is equipped with internal LED lighting, videomapping via two synchronous projectors, and panoramic projection provided by three synchronized projectors in edge-blending mode.

Implementation of BB Center by CAPEXUS for PASSERINVEST

Special sound system

The overall atmosphere of the presentation is enhanced by a special surround sound system. All these installed features appear in each presentation. A special concrete surface by the Němec company is used on the walls and floors.

I am very pleased that we have chosen this innovative and unconventional type of presentation. The BB Centre is our flagship project. We are building a modern and sustainable Prague district here. Through the BB CENTROOM multimedia room, we can realistically demonstrate and debate the development of infrastructure and urbanism with regard to future developments and future generations. I believe that the almost CZK 12 million investment in this showroom will complement the previously invested funds in the entire BB Centre area and will further benefit the general and professional public as well as our company's business.
Radim Passer, founder and CEO of PASSERINVEST GROUP

CAPEXUS designed the new multimedia showroom BB CENTROOM for. The novel concept uses the latest technologies to present the BB Centre.

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