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The companies in the Miton investment group have two things in common: rapid growth and ambitions that go beyond the borders of the Czech Republic. They therefore need a facility where employees feel good and that helps attract new people to the team. The architects from the CAPEXUS studio have created a space that meets these requirements while also adding maximum variability allowing collaboration across teams.

Light sign GLAMI on the chalkboard

Meeting rooms

Several companies from Miton's investment portfolio also moved into the new premises in Prague's Karlín district together with the Miton team: fashion search engine Glami, furniture search engine Biano, online car dealer Driveto and a virtual reality hockey training platform called Sense Arena. The layout is therefore designed in such a way that people meet as much as possible.

We already tested the common office concept in Liberec, and as most of our companies are based in Prague, we wanted to do the same thing here. If for no other reason than sharing know-how, which daily personal contact really encourages.
David Špinar, CEO, Miton
Friendly atmosphere in the MITON office with a comfortable interior

Maximum variability

More than 100 employees moved into the new space, which is why architects Martin Židek and Tereza Kondělková from the CAPEXUS studio designed it in collaboration with the client in the spirit of maximum variability. At the same time, the designers emphasized having a sufficient number of conference rooms and informal one-to-one sitting areas. 

It was important to create enough natural meeting points for communication within teams as well as outside them. Experience has shown that co-workers who otherwise wouldn't run into each other in a classic open space meet thanks to these common spaces, making it easier for new ideas to come to life.
Tereza Kondělková, architect, CAPEXUS
Modern meeting room with interesting interior

Modern boardroom

The companies in the group are becoming increasingly international. For example, the fashion search engine Glami already operates in 12 countries and its main working language is therefore gradually becoming English. The Glami team thus itself designed conference rooms that represent each country.

Cheerful design breakout zone with a kitchen at Miton

Center of events

The central point of the premises is the kitchen and a spacious relax zone, which upon Miton's request CAPEXUS equipped with a presentation podium, a hanging storage system, a writable wall and variable stairway seating.

Relaxation zone with presentation stage at Miton

Circus appearance

Miton describes itself as an "internet circus" and the architects incorporated this theme into the offices. The raised podium is therefore reminiscent of a circus stage thanks to its red and yellow stripes and the suspended truss structure that holds the lights. 

"Due to the variable seating the space can be used as a relax zone, a conference room or a cafeteria," says architect Tereza Kondělková. Miton and the other companies working in the offices call the zone "Tech Talk" and most often use it for presentations and workshops. The room can comfortably fit up to 60 people.

Colorful reception with a cheerful interior at Miton


The reception area also discreetly recalls the appearance of a circus thanks to the original red and yellow striped wallpaper on the desk itself. Above the desk, the designers again designed a truss beam with illumination to accentuate the look of a circus tent.

Relaxation zone with kitchen in Miton

Bold dark ceiling 

The appearance of the reception area and the kitchen with the relaxation zone is complemented by an open ceiling. The architects opted for a bold dark anthracite colour enhanced by dark glass partitions. The result is a bold, unusual look.

Breakout zone with comfortable furniture at Miton

Flexible solution

Due to the tight deadline for the complete architectural design, implementation and build-out, CAPEXUS selected carpets and furniture from suppliers who had very short delivery times. The client used most of its furniture from the previous offices, so CAPEXUS supplied only some of the desks and office chairs, specifically Actiu Stay chairs and Ogi desks manufactured by MDD. The carpets are by Modulyss.

Photos and videos: Martin Šlechta a Zuzana Benešová (

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