manGoweb moved to the Palace of Zlatý Kříž


Jungmanovo náměstí, Praha




300 sqm



manGoweb – an IT company focusing on web programming – decided to move to the Palace of Zlatý Kříž located on Jungmann Square in the center of Prague.

In the 90s, the spaces of the 7th floor were inappropriately reconstructed and manGoweb wanted to tailor it to their needs, so that it fits to young innovative team.

 IT company ManGoweb has in its offices new white kitchen lighting using modern vacuum color, red and black cables with led bulbs.

Change the style

Given the high cost and complexity of the intervention, manGoweb eventually backed away from its original demand to purify the space up from elements that did not fit neither the character of the building nor a dynamic IT company

 The Palace of the Golden Cross is now bright and fresh, the floor is unified by vinyl in a decorative concrete slab. The ceiling hangs colored cables with ice bulbs.


The ceilings were aligned, the area was arranged to an openspace, vinyl flooring was used and LED strips were installed.

 The bright space of ManGoweb's IT office at Zlatý Kříž Palace

Light and clean fresh design

All these modifications brought bright and clean fresh design to the space and increased the space optically while not hurting the character of the historic building.

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