Implementation of fit-outs in Explora business centre


Praha 5 


Avestus Real Estate


1 000 sqm



In the autumn of 2015, we began implementing 4 projects of office spaces in the building Explora Jupiter. Construction work was carried out simultaneously for Avestus Real Estate, DHL, Honda and TDK companies. Because of expansion, relocation or moving of companies in the building Explora Jupiter, we were approached by our long-term client, a major developer in Central Europe, the company Avestus Real Estate.

Drawing of the proposed solution for the entire fit-out with the distribution of the furniture, floor type and other interior accessories.

Draft is the basis

By request of the client and landlords were created proposals according to which the realization began. For office spaces CAPEXUS’s architects designed carpets of the producer VOXFLOR, which they organized into a mosaic, diagonal or monochromatic surfaces according to the wishes of the clients. Not only carpets but also paintings are harmonized in bright colors. Carefully and efficiently were designed also kitchen areas and relax zones. The overall concept has elements of minimalism, but also creates a pleasant and transparent working environment.

View from the outside of the Explora Jupiter building to the evening when thanks to the illumination on individual floors, its design excels.

Even time is important

The project team under the leadership of Ing. Tomáš Dvorský managed to coordinate and implement four fit-outs in less than 2 months. About the success of our team testifies satisfaction of landlords and clients with whom we worked already for several times.

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