The EUROPEUM Bratislava


Suché Mýto 1, Bratislava




700 sqm



Another project, which CAPEXUS company took charge of in the very centre of Bratislava, was the entrance area of office building EUROPEUM at Suché Mýto 1. This multifunctional complex provides representative environment together with shopping units within a passage and high standard office spaces.
Light reception with white counter and logo on the wall, elevators and EUROPEUM entrance rooms. On the ceiling are modern narrow lights.

Design of information system

Project, which took place during several stages within one year, started with renovation of interior receptions, where new reception desk, lighting and new painting were implemented. Another part of the layout was completely new design of information system. 

 Reconstructed EUROPEUM glass entrance doors and Equiton tiles.

Equiton desks

After the interior part was completed, the reconstruction of exterior part began. Great emphasis was put on cladding of walls, which was made from Equiton desks, with inbuilt information system and recessed exterior light lines. Apart from new painting and totems, attractive element is linear lighting, which continually connects ceiling and walls and so is making strong impression especially during the nights.

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