CUBUS reception






1 000 sqm



CAPEXUS has completed the realization of reception in CUBUS building, which is situated in the centre of Bratislava and offers modern offices with easy accessibility and services.

 The white CUBUS reception and the dominant black glossy wall with the logo. Reception ceiling highlights running ramps with LED backlighting.

Plasterboard ramps

Project consists of renovation of complete space of reception except the change of existing floor tiles. Central motive of the design are hanging ceiling plasterboard ramps with rounded edges and LED backlight, which was made by hand right on site to achieve maximum accuracy and regularity of radius.

 The entrance interior of the CUBUS building is characterized by gray floor color and wooden lining at lifts.

Boards imitating concrete

Grey colour is characteristic for reception together with black glass and cladding made of laminate boards with wooden texture, which were also custom-made to fulfil client´ requirements. This is the first project in Slovakia, where were used special boards imitating concrete.  

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