Cosy offices for the experienced IT professionals from NOTIX


Prague 4 - Pacovská 




600 sqm



Hashtag #notixtodelajinak became one of the inspiring elements for the implementation of modern offices for IT specialists who develop their own advanced solutions. CAPEXUS prepared an original design over a space of more than 600 m2, one that was able
to both attract attention and bring significant changes
to the already almost prepared premises. Check out the result and discover offices that provide the perfect combination of comfort, modern design and tranquillity for focused work.

Design offices with acoustic elements and ergonomic interior

When obstacles
are regarded
as a challenge

Although our team had plenty of free hands and the client's full confidence, it was necessary to proceed from the limits of the new premises to which the company was moving. These had already been prepared by the landlord in the form of closed rooms. Many companies
in the same situation would probably give up on undertaking major changes, but CAPEXUS wanted to fulfil the client's wishes despite the obstacles and offer open spaces complemented by its own design elements as
far as possible. Adjusting the layout meant first obtaining approval and then demolishing the partitions.

These changes gave us the opportunity to work better with an accessible space and the layout of individual parts from the meeting rooms to a nice work lounge.
The resulting effect is described by the architect from the CAPEXUS, Michaela Zámečníková
Coworking space with comfortable furniture for relaxation

Offices where innovations happen

Information technology is one of the most dynamically developing industries. This is also reflected in the character of the offices, which is based on connecting the entire team of developers, an innovative approach and thoughtful placement of all elements, including individual workstations. All accompanied by uncompromising comfort and interesting elements. 

NOTIX is one big family and this timeline with photos from various teambuildings is a great reminder of all shared experiences. Exposed cables and lighting highlight the technical aspects, while the decorative graphics and the colour palette represent a sense of thoughtful design. The whole space is playfully connected by stickers and acoustic elements in the form of wheels and triangles, which are based on the brand identity of the company.

Atypical furniture, including comfortable Noom 50 chairs by ACTIU as well as other modern pieces also play a big role in the overall impression.
Lenka Zemanová, Furniture Manager at CAPEXUS

Representative spaces

Comfortable armchair in the corner with acoustic elements on the wall for more privacy

Preservation of original elements

Some of the equipment also comes from the original offices. Lukáš Mašek, Project Manager for the furniture from CAPEXUS, again installed all acoustic elements,
took care of the actual removal of the large pieces.

My colleagues and I feel that in addition to physically moving a few blocks we have also moved forward many levels of quality in terms of the work environment. The CAPEXUS team listened to our wishes and created a cosy living-style space in record time, on in which we like to meet not only for work.
Lucie Šlefrová, HR Manager at NOTIX
Meeting room with ergonomic armchairs and design acoustic elements

A base for further development

The emphasis on comfort in this project is proof that offices do not have to be stark spaces where you do not want to spend time. Of course, we are delighted by this feedback. After all, increasing the quality of the working environment and fulfilling the client's wishes all while meeting the deadline and budget is key for CAPEXUS.
If you also want to transform your offices and are looking for more than just a new address when you move, do not hesitate to contact us. We'll take care of your project from start to finish.

Photo author: Jiří Bednář 

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