Riding the waves of the Colonnade office


GEMINI – budova A Praha 4


Colonnade Insurance S.A.


1 350 sqm



Colonnade, an insurance company, moved this summer to Building A in the Gemini Business Centre in Pankrác. But the company's address wasn't the only thing that changed. The design of the new offices was handled by our architect, Tereza Kondělková. The goal was to design a colourful and attractive interior using matching materials, which meets the demands of clients in terms of the number of workstations while also offering employees a pleasant working environment. The client asked for a space containing sufficient storage areas, as well as acoustic elements to increase comfort.

A view through a glass partition surrounded by a green arch and living greenery.

Inspirational environment

The client gave us a great deal of freedom and trust, so our architect's creativity was fully on display. The entire interior features distinctive colour shades and unusual shapes. The classical office space was thus transformed into an inspirational environment for work and more.

Openspace with matching acoustic elements and storage elements and a blue design matching the wave-shaped carpet.

Acoustic elements

The functional and practical purpose of the project was to include a sufficient amount of storage space and acoustic elements. These elements, together with plenty of greenery, form the cornerstone of the open space.

The relax zone is set in the turquoise shades with  playful elements.

Time to relax

The café corner and the relax zone serve as a backdrop for relaxing moments or for interacting with colleagues. Due to today's focus on employee comfort, the relaxation area also features equipment for exercising during working hours, among other things wall bars, a stepper, a yoga mat, medicine balls, a putting green and a dartboard.

Modern Colonnade reception with soft seating and is dividing wooden lamellas with greenery.


Every day, a large number of employees and clients walk past the reception desk at the entrance area, which is why its appearance should be impressive. In addition, in the Colonnade this area separates the lobby intended for meetings with clients and the internal back-office part of the company. The desired effect was achieved by using wooden slats with greenery. Thanks to the woodwork used, the reception area is luxurious, modern, timeless and relaxed.

We wanted the new office to express our company's identity while also being a comfortable place for our employees. It turned out even better than we expected, thanks to the excellent work of the architect – whose vision was implemented completely – and the entire CAPEXUS project team. Tereza (Tereza Kondělková, Architect), you're the only one!
Dominik Štros, General Manager, Colonnade Insurance S.A.
Openspace for short meetings where the wave-shaped carpet passes all the elements into green and blue tones according to a particular department.

Riding the waves

The architect managed to distinguish the look of each department by means of an unusual solution involving the carpets, which are placed in the shape of waves. The basis is formed by a grey carpet that delineates the corridors and common spaces.

The Colonnade reception with a wave-shaped carpet in gray and red is dominated by two Actiu Badminton chairs.


Each department is then defined by colourful carpets that flow out in waves from the basic grey carpet. These then travel to the reception area, where they are complemented by a circular carpet, whose dominance is accentuated by two Actiu Badminton armchairs. The carpet circle is then repeated in the open space suitable for shorter meetings.

The colorful kitchen with wallpaper with fruit motif is made up of a classic classical bar and wooden lamellas with greenery serving to create privacy.

Matching colours

The colouring of the carpets is reflected in the colourfulness of the vinyl in the kitchenettes and the colour accents of the kitchen counters. The atypical furniture and acoustic elements match the carpets and creates an impression of unity. ­­­­­

The green-gray combination reflects  in the furniture and the carpet.

The furniture

The furniture comes from the workshops of Actiu, Softline, Profim and Pedrali. The couches in the reception area were supplied by Longo, office chairs by Wing and desks by Tabula. The furnishings in the kitchenettes are provided by Actiu. The Eurogarden carpets manufactured by Voxflor are designed in seven different colours and are supplemented in the reception area by vinyl from Tarket and in the kitchenettes by vinyl from Forbo.

Meeting room with Bryan Adams motif.

Playful meeting rooms

The meeting rooms have a playful quality thanks to thematic decorations depicting Canadian musicians Leonard Cohen, Bryan Adams, Avril Lavigne and Simple Plan. The decor reflects the company's origins.

We managed to embody this in the design very tastefully, in the form of a maple leaf, which is part of the client's logo, and which are stuck to the glass partitions. Some of the leaves are red, which is the client's corporate colour
Tereza Kondělková, architect
The motif of the Canadian leave as a blueprint on the glass partition.

Corporate identity

According to our architect, the colourfulness of the space and the integration of corporate identity was an important requirement of the client.

Photo credit: Petr Andrlík

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