New cafeteria and dining center in Diamond Point


Diamond Point




200 sqm



At the beginning of September the design reconstruction of cafeteria and canteen at Diamond Point was completed.
 The Diamond Point Dining Room is now illuminated, with white metal tables and chairs with green details on the walls.


During last year the building, whose owner and largest client is Allianz insurance company, went through several design and construction improvements of common areas. At the beginning of 2015 full reconstruction of both receptions, designed by Bořek Šípek, was completed by CAPEXUS as a general contractor.

Interior design of the cafeteria comes from Capexus architect – conceptual intention was to incorporate sound absorbing panels, which should improve acoustic comfort of the space. During the lunchtime cafeteria has a capacity of some 200 people, which causes high noise level and in the past the cafeteria was bustling and uncomfortable.

Green honeycombs on the walls, white tables and chairs, green columns and white paintings in the Allianz Diamond Point building.

Colorful honeycombs

Panels are conceived as colorful honeycombs on the walls and ceilings. Their irregular layout is supported by the graphic wallpaper with the hexagonal motive.

Space gives the tone of the combination of green and coffee colors, all other decors are matched to neutral shades. The boot as well as the furniture is left white.

Harmonized decors

The combination of green and coffee color sets the tone of the space, all of the other decors are harmonized in neutral tones. Paintings as well as furniture are left in white color.

 The Diamond Point Dining Room is equipped with white food desks.


CAPEXUS representatives on this project were Jan Andrle (author of the design), Lucie Malá (business manager) and Libort Frebort (project manager).

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