Combined offices of financial consulting firms




Arca Consulting


400 sqm



Another of our successfully completed projects is an office for two separate financial consulting businesses, which share only a reception area, social facilities and an unconventional full-service café paid for by the employer. Pleasant warm shades complemented by wood elements and colourful wallpaper – this is the interior of Arca Consulting.

 A view throught the corridor capturing the floor with a combination of gray carpet tiles with vinyl, glass partitions with sticks and two chairs all matched in gray tones.

Financial consultants in a new office

A design & build project that in addition to the architectural design, space planning, visualization of the space and all construction works also included final furnishing.

The client was moving into an entirely new space and had two specific requirements. The first was to suitably combine two separate businesses, including two separate teams of employees, who would share social facilities, but otherwise operate entirely independently of one another, and the second was to incorporate the original reception desk from the company's previous headquarters. The companies also share an entrance and reception area.
The sticker on the glass bar with the motif of gray triangles and trapezoids fits into the overall concept.

Darker shades

We opted for pure colours and tones in contrast to the colourfulness of the wallpapers. The main element is wood: oak in combination with black and anthracite, and grey carpets, which make the space cosier. The overall impression is enhanced by bright yellow elements, combined with
multi-coloured wallpaper, which is repeated in the interior three times. Wooden panelling is also used in the meeting rooms.

 The full - service café in dark tones is brighten up by the ceiling lights together with wooden and white elements in the form of bar and vinyl.

Full -service café

A totally unique benefit for the client's employees is the staffed full-service café instead of standard kitchenettes or relax corners – all paid for by the employer!

Combination of the carpet tiles and vinyl in a natural design with matching chairs create a luxurious feel.

Carpets and furniture

All of the furniture was designed in a modern style. The combination of natural décor and black colour elegantly complements the cosy ambience with a touch of luxury.
The interior is completed by furniture from leading Spanish manufacturer ACTIU – chair STAY.

The LONGO acoustic seat separates  the relaxation zone into two parts. The colorful wallpaper on the backwall brightens the room.

Relaxation zone

The relaxation zone is comfortably separated by a grey acoustic sofa LONGO and Profim armchair. The barstools are by Italian manufacturer Gaber.
The carpet is full of geometric shapes such as triangles and trapezoids. Similar shapes were also used in the form of special stickers on the glass railings. The space is complemented by the atypical lighting created by the dominant lamps in the soft-seating area and above the bar.

Live plants for the interior were supplied by Jungle Interiors.

Gray armchair with small tables as a place to meet LCD screens and interestingly designed lighting and colorful wallpaper in the background contrasting to the otherwise gray interior. Gray armchair with small tables complements the interestingly designed lighting and colorful wallpaper that is contrasting to the otherwise gray interior.
 Bright entry area of ​​the DOCK IN TWO object, consisting predominantly of wooden elements.


The DOCK IN TWO building is part of a modern development in the area of the former Libeň docks. DOCK IN originated on the border of two worlds: the Zen park environment with the river and the pulsating centre of the metropolis. The architectural concept is of a city within a city, environmentally friendly and aesthetically flawless with plenty of innovative elements.

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