Industrial offices for UPC






400 sqm



This project consists of two separate areas, new office spaces and relaxation zones with a kitchen area. The 400 m² office complex is unique because it was made from an old warehouse.

The kitchen with the industrial character is equipped with Actiu furniture and is decorated in ocher color

Industrial looking

The architect focused on keeping the industrial nature of the building present in his design, forming an interesting contrast to the modern office equipment used in the project. CAPEXUS designed the interiors and provided the office furniture and carpets. 

The white shine kitchenette with an ocher bar is complemented by Actiu furniture.

Ocher color is dominant 

We used ochre as the signature color, color coordinating it with Prisma and Wing furniture from ACTIU. The Wing chair model holds an international award for its’ great functionality and timeless design. The soft-seeting furniture for the relaxation areas was provided by the Czech company Profim. Part of the relaxation zone is completed with a kitchen seeting.

The work positions are separated by the screens, the ocher color motif is repeated on the wallpapers.

Space division

The lights are made from LED panels by Bachman. The floors are covered with VOXFLOR carpets in the style Hussar. The space is divided by VERTIs‘ Element partitions.

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