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Sometimes it can be a challenge for architects to take the client's core business and transform it into an office design concept. Of course, when the business is readily understandable, it's a whole lot easier. With SPORTISIMO, we took inspiration to the next level: sport is the key element throughout the company's entire new HQ, which we both designed and built. SPORTISIMO's new premises are a one-of-a-kind space that truly represents the modern approach in the cleverest way possible.

Reception and lobby area in a sporty style and with the latest trends in SPORTISIMO.

Trendy office

It is important that offices adapt to the needs of current and upcoming generations. One third of employees today are millennials. Employees under 30 prefer workplaces that can be adjusted and changed easily, rather than strictly divided offices and meeting rooms.

A meeting room with a sports theme is lined with a blue running oval at SPORTISIMO.


Therefore, SPORTISIMO is a flexible workplace, as can be seen in the various meeting rooms, closed and open, larger and smaller, as well as the large number of focus rooms and a break zone that can also be used for work.

The bright open meeting room divides the blue runway that passes through the entire interior.


Meeting rooms occupy approximately 20% of the whole area – much more than the standard. An employee can choose where he or she wants to work from.

See the Oregon House building virtually

SPORTISIMO sports-style glazed meeting room.

Playfulness as the key feature of how we design 

Sports flow so naturally throughout the office that you feel like you are standing in a stadium, listening to the roar of the crowd. The dominant element is a blue track that circles around the patio and guides employees and visitors. In addition to looking like an authentic tartan track, the material also has surprising sound absorbing qualities.

Meeting room like a football field with a carpet imitating a grassy football field in SPORTISIMO.

Meeting rooms

The premises are full of clever and amusing ideas. For instance, each of the 10 meeting rooms was inspired by a different sport. There's one that looks like a squash court with lines and real rackets, another with a real bicycle racing out of the wall, and one with skateboards on the walls and a U ramp. In these offices there is always something new to discover.

Each of the 10 meeting rooms was inspired by a different sport. There's one that looks like a squash court with lines and real rackets, another with a real bicycle racing out of the wall, and one with skateboards on the walls and a U ramp. In these offices there is always something new to discover.
Jakub Seči, architect
The Reception Desk is set into a real-size football grille in SPORTISIMO.

Lobby area = fotball stadion

Our architects really wanted the space to be as playful as possible. The whole lobby area is like a football stadium, with grass and wallpaper that creates a three-dimensional effect. Visitors are surprised by the reception desk, which is installed in a real size football goal. We know that the devil is in the details and every component is fabricated perfectly.

Another key element of the design is the open ceiling with exposed mechanical, electrical and plumbing features that supports a hip industrial look.

Open space office with acoustic panels at SPORTISIMO.

Focusing on noise

The client was used to classic cubicles, so the transition had to be smooth. The open space in this project is therefore divided optically and functionally with furniture walls serving four functions: absorbing sounds, dividing the corridor from the workspace, providing storage for items, ensuring a place for flowers. Each team is also divided by furniture walls that help keep out noise.

In total, we spent 700 hours on meetings, architectural design and updates on the building site. This number does not include the actual construction. When seeing the result, we know the time was totally worth it!
Erika Bohatá, architect
Employees spend a break playing ping pong at SPORTISIMO.

700 hours

How did the project evolve? The client had broad knowledge and a clear idea of how the offices should look. Through a series of meetings we showed the client how people can work in offices in a modern but proven way. We also helped the client re-evaluate the functionality and understand how all employees really want to work in new offices.

Open space lined with runner oval at SPORTISIMO.


We focused on acoustics with specialized products, too. Acoustic ceiling coverings are placed directly above the workplaces, while acoustic desktop screens divide employees from each other. Acoustic plasterboard in meeting rooms guarantees comfort when a meeting is held. All these solutions eliminate the negative aspects of a classic open space, which the client was worried about. Thanks to all these items, the acoustic comfort of the premises is excellent.

Photo credit: Jakub Pelnář

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