Opening of DELL showroom in Bratislava


CUBUS - Fazulová ul.




300 sqm



CAPEXUS company has completed project of DELL showroom, which is situated in the tenth floor of CUBUS building in Fazulova street.

 The reception area in the Dell showroom is separated by a glass partition and a flower.


Space is presenting possible solutions of entrance reception with white front desk and wood screen. Reception is separated from open space by glass partition, which is complemented by foil with cooling effect. 

 The CUBUS building has offices with gray design chairs, white tables and other office furniture.
 Open Space fills ACTIU furniture, white tables and metallic gray chairs stand out in a bright interior.

Working desks

Open space is created by classical working desks, which are separated by cabinets with shelves and sitting space with round tables of ochre colour. 

White practical table and gray chair from the ACTIU furniture collection in the modern DELL showroom. Wooden wall with glass details.

Spanish  furniture ACTIU

All of the furniture, which is used in the showroom is from the Spanish top-class producer of furniture ACTIU, which is exclusively represented by CAPEXUS in Czech Republic and Slovakia. 

The CUBUS building has a modern meeting room with light metal furniture and gray ragged walls.

Conference room

Light motive of all space is so called CUBUS, which is solved as partially closed conference room with representative furniture

White shelving system on a wooden wall in the DELL showroom.

Closed and separated

Only the office of leading manager is completely closed and separated from the rest of the space by glass partition. Space of showroom is complemented by small kitchen in simple black and white design.

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