Playful and functional elements of the office


Palác Křižík



1  200 sqm



Besides the rainbow-coloured conference rooms we also designed and implemented other parts of the office: an open space, kitchenettes and small relaxation ones. We cheered up the formerly dark and dull spaces in accordance with the company's identity and with a focus on flexibility. This is especially important for the company in light of their constant growth and changes across teams.

Detail of carpet in company colors supplemented with decorative rope in the company Seznam

Color playfulness

Our architect, Tereza Bradová, livened up the spaces with shades of red, grey and black, reflecting the company's corporate colours. A sense of playfulness was brought into the space through original patterns on the carpets as well as with stretched out ropes.

These ropes also serve as a decorative element. This natural material is a decoration in itself, but also allows employees to pin pictures and photos from private and corporate events. The employees themselves can thus improve the space and make it cosier.

Working kitchen in dominant white color in the company Seznam

Dominant white

The kitchen is characterized by a simple and clean design. White is the dominant colour, variegated by a grey worktop and a red glossy lining. The kitchenettes are furnished with Wing chairs and Tabula tables, both from ACTIU.

The tensioned ropes perform several functions. They allow the space to be flexibly modified and divided without major construction interventions, which is perfectly suited for a dynamically developing company like The organizational structure inside and outside the team is constantly changing, and the space needs to be adaptable.
Ing. arch. Tereza Bradová
Design open space office with a natural barrier in the form of ropes at Seznam

Natural barrier

The barrier formed by the rope separates the two parts of the open space and together with the imaginative carpets break up the otherwise plain spaces.

Relaxation zone with natural decoration and comfortable interior in corporate colors

Relaxation zone

In the offices we also created a so-called safe haven, where employees can rest during a coffee break. The red seats match the carpet. The feeling of well-being is enhanced by ropes, which again define the space. And the same colour spectrum is also used in the relaxation zones for rest or quick meetings.

Photographer: Petr Andrlík

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