11 meeting rooms for Seznam.cz


Palác Křižík




1 200 sqm



Our company accepted the challenge of creating 11 unique meeting rooms for Seznam.cz. The aim was to transform a series of boring and indistinguishable rooms and to introduce a sense of playfulness, pleasant materials and vibrant colours to create informal comfortable rooms where people can meet.

Visualization of the Seznam.cz meeting room list of yellow-gray combinations of equipment, acoustic elements and furniture.

Colours everywhere

The original meeting rooms were all the same, lacking modern functional features. The impression created by the ground floor was grim, cold and formal. Our team of architects opted for a new design featuring a full colour spectrum – the floor plan of the meeting rooms is a rainbow

The task was to match the materials and colours of the furniture, carpets, acoustic panels and wallpapers, with seating and tables of various shapes that match the shapes of the acoustic panels on the walls. Exposed concrete presents a contrast to the intense colour scheme.
 The meeting room consists mainly of dark blue elements, complemented by black and white checkered chairs.

Open meeting rooms

Part of the meeting space opens directly to the street via a glass wall. All rooms are accessible from a long corridor inside the building. The interior walls of the rooms in the corridor are glazed, so the colours pass through into the corridor, evoking a pleasant, playful and friendly atmosphere.

View from the hall in the colorful meeting room of Seznam.cz, where the furniture, carpets and acoustic elements are always tuned in the chosen tone.


The room names are now associated with individual company departments – or portals, e.g. Mapy.cz in green shades, and Email.cz in orange. The interior of the meeting rooms is refined – every detail is carefully thought through, leading to harmony of colour that is pleasant to the eye, as well as highly functional features.

 Meeting room in blue shades with a white conference table, black-colored acoustic panels and an open glass wall facing the street.

Extraordinary speed

The interior was implemented over the course of an extended weekend, without disrupting the company's operations. The client was very satisfied not only with the uniqueness of the space and the way in which its ideas were brought to life, but also with the extraordinary speed of implementation.

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