Realization of reception and client area for Otidea a.s.


Praha 8 - Karlín




50 sqm



Among the successfully completed projects of CAPEXUS is also include the realization of reception and client area for the company Otidea, which has seat in the C Building in Meteor Centre Office Park which is located in Prague 8 - Karlín, which gradually becoming a prestigious office location. Last phase of Meteor Centre Office Park - building C offers approximately 4,700 square meters of office and retail space.

 Pleasant to familiar client zone of Otidea a.s. creates a wooden table with a metal construction, design chairs and wallpaper on the walls.


The aim of the realization was to meet the requirements of a client who wanted to create a pleasant and familiar client zone. Proposal was not to be extravagant, but also easy to remember. Within this concept were applied bright color tones combined with elements in the wood decor. The dominant feature of the area is undoubtedly part of the reception, whose painting is bright yellow and attracts the attention of the visitors. Our architects have used wood design not only within the flooring and furniture, but also to create 2D ornaments, which visually divide the space. In the meeting room is used furniture with simple lines, which in combination with bright color tones seems to be natural and airy.

Reception for Otidea a.s. with wooden décor, a white sofa and a white table with a plant.

Unusual design

The use of unusual design, wooden decor and emphasize of the reception area are points, which created a pleasant working environment and satisfaction of our client.

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